Day 1!

It's been a rough day.. I felt hungry all the time.. I didn't get the buy meal replacement protein shakes since the store was out of the brand I wanted - I ordered them online Saturday night and they are to arrive this Wednesday or Thursday, so until I got it I have to improvise.. So I bought low cal protein shake (I have used this brand before and it tastes OK) and have had some of that instead..

With all my snacks - lunch and dinner my total intake is under 900 today and I am happy with that..  I mean.. I have this new motivation.. I do understand (oh and thank you so much for all the comments on my last post.. it really was comforting to get them) that I can not breastfeed the kid but I can lose the weight and get in some proper shape and stick around... Lower weight for me means that I will live longer - I can not stay this way for the rest of my life.. I will become more mobile which means playtime when he starts moving will be so much more easier and fun.. And lets not forget about the fact that I rather be a milf than a fat mom..

So I'm gonna keep reminding my self that there are reasons behind why I am doing this, and that this time around I need to give it time and stick to it..

I have gained around 6lbs since the last weigh-in I posted about on the blog (yaay emotional eating) .. I am hoping to ditch 20 lbs by the end of this 3 weeks diet (remember I have a whole lot of weight to lose, so 20 lbs isn't that much).. But I must admit I would be more than happy to just reach my first goal weight (That is only 10 lbs away) ... So wish me luck :)

Oh and I am using myfitnesspal to count calories again - so if I don't have you there, and you wish to see my eats feel free to add me. My username is Kittz30 :)

Anyways - I'm gonna finish my tea and get off the PC and try to spend some time with hubby :) (hmm maybe even do some wii-fit... feeling a tad hyper lol)


Just got an e-mail from my work that they will pay part of a gym membership for me eventhough I am not working this year!! Yaaay.. Now I just have to find a good gym that isn't that far away from our home and hit it!


  1. Anything under 1000 calories I consider a very good day :) Once your little boy starts walking and crawling you'll be in top shape with that extra workout...Being healthy should always be the best motivation to lose weight..and of course it matters a lot if it will make you happier, but as you said the scale and the numbers are not always important...Reaching goals is the best part in losing weight it gives you so much motivation to keep going, I know you will reach your next GW soon, it not far away....

  2. Good job for day 1. The hunger will probably start to fade as you get going. Your benefits are awesome! The gym will help add some variety.

  3. Well done on the 900 calories. Some people find it a bit extreme but I've actually had a few days on that amount of calories since starting and have eaten a very healthy, varied diet.
    So pleased you're feeling more positive. :)

  4. So glad you're feeling better and putting everything in perspective. The most important thing is to be taking care of yourself so you can take care of your little

  5. That is great news about the gym. I always thought anyone paying for health insurance would want to keep the employees healthy, its just cheaper an a heart attack! I know in my area the variety of gyms is insane and offer different advantages, some are really cheap, some do personal training, and some do free day care while you work out. I don't know if that is an option for you but once the baby is old enough to play with others they have so much fun. And you are right there just incase!

  6. That's great on the gym and ordering your shakes. Glad you're positive! xx