So... I am so unstable it's not even funny anymore..
I was sobbing for so long last night that half of my pillow was too wet to sleep on...

There are so many changes happening now a days, like my son starting kindergarten and I am just not ready for it.
My weight is sky high..
The weather here is being just horrible.. The wind is so strong and the pain of it is killing me..
I am having a pregnancy scare.. I shouldn't be pregnant.. But I am 3 days late.. It could be all the stress..

I feel like I am a ticking bomb, unstable and just ready to blow up.. Ugh.. I hate this.. One minute I am laughing over your "sperm water" comments, the other I am sobbing cause of some random thing..

Anywho.. Another day tomorrow.. Another day to try to get it all work..

I am going to try Nasimiyu's plan .. Her plan is :
- Green smoothie for breakfast
- Sandwich for lunch
- Green smoothie for snack (I will probably replace this with fruit/veg or even a quest/protein bar)
- Low carb dinner of some sort

I'm gonna get to bed really early today.. It's been a hard, emotional, and way too long day....


  1. :( i hope you feel better now, angel x
    it's one of 'those' days then.
    i hope your plan goes well! as i've said on Nasimiyu's blog, the only smoothie i drink is made out of ice-cream and milk and is known as a "milkshake". smoothies for me are just gross. i hope your plan works well! honestly, in all honesty, i wouldn't be able to do it because i have to eat much throughout the day or else i'll fall over and die

    -Sam Lupin
    PS. love you. <3

  2. I'm sorry you feel so awful. Sometimes changes happen all too quickly and we're left with no time to adjust. I know how you feel about being a ticking time bomb, unstable, prone to explode at any time without warning. I hope tomorrow is even the slightest bit better for you. Good luck with your plan <3 xx

  3. Really hope you get to feeling better! Sometimes change sucks- or it happens all at once and we think, "Where did live go? Other times change takes time to get used to- just think: the weather will soon improve, your weight will be where you want it, you will reach your goals, and your son will do great with kindergarten. I hope your week improves and you start feeling more stable and good luck with your eating plan!

  4. Wow. Kids start school really early there!!! We don't go to Kindergarten until 5 in the US. Sorry that your emotions are all over the place. There are good and bad days!! Hang in there.

  5. Eurgh, my periods have always been all over the place whether I'm restricting or eating everything in sight. I've had more pregnancy scares than any reasonable human being so I feel ya. Hang in there, it's likely to be nothing at all.

  6. Hon I think you are trying to hold all your emotions in, because you had to in the past. You don't have to anymore. You are not alone anymore. You have people in your life that care about your safety and well being. You have created a healthy family to share your life with and enjoy. You don't need to be scared to show your emotions anymore. When we hold them in for too long the dawn breaks in oddball ways and we end up having a cry festival over a TV commercial that lasts an hour. Take care of yourself!

  7. I'm sorry you're struggling so much these days. I am in a rut too, and this evil (brutally, dangerously cold) weather and lack of sunlight certainly doesn't help. Your body is probably just off kilter from the stress, try not to worry over it too much.

    I've got similar plans to what Sam is doing. We're all gonna kick this thing, you hear?

  8. Hey Kitty x Thank you for your supportive comment :)

    Urg its horrible you feel so upset, wish I could do something to cheer you up. Like your other comments, stay strong and you will get through it. xxx