Skipping work!

My earache got worst and I have been so tired.. So I decided to take a few days off work.. I called in sick and I wont be going back before Monday. I have been needing some alone time as well.. So yaay for skipping work for few days.. :)

We saw the flat I talked about yesterday.. And it didn't feel right.. I don't know how to explain it.. But something felt wrong.. So hubby and I have decided to just keep looking.. There is this wonderful flat we are going to see on Sunday. So we will see how it goes.. One thing is for sure and that is that we will take our time finding the right place.. We have time to look and that is exactly where we are going to do. 

One of the downsides with being home in the morning is TV shop.. I mean OMG.. I can not believe how many "you only need 6 mins of this instead of 1 hour at the gym" shit there is out there.. *sigh* It is sad how they can keep telling people all this stupid shit making them believe they don't need to do anything but using their shit.. Ah well.. Enough about that.. 

Anyways I am going to relax and have some girl time later :) 



One of those days...

You know those days.. Where you get out of bed and think.. OMG I should not get out of bed today... Well I am having one of those days.. 

It started with an argue with the hubby in the car on our way to work.. We are ok now but ya.. Then the stupid morning meeting.. And then I finally get to get some coffee.. Came back.. Got a call.. And managed to spill the whole thing over my laptop.. It splashed over my new LED screen... And the rest ended up on the floor.. *sigh*

Now I have no coffee.. Am more tired than tired and it stinks floor coffee here... *sigh* AND on top of everything.. I think I am getting a cold cause I am sneezing and have some ear ache.. 

Anyways.. On the bright side.. I didn't give into the B/P last night.. I have been avoiding it for so many weeks that I just started thinking about how crap I would feel and just went to bed... 

Today is chill at work... Well most likely cause I am too tired and CBA to do shit.. 

After work we going to have yet another look at a flat we saw on Sunday.. It is really big for a flat.. It has 3 bedrooms- a big living room- the bathroom was fixed and renewed a year ago so it looks good. We would need to fix the kitchen and we would want to put a wall to wall wardrobe in the hall cause it is HUGE and it would be perfect to have it there-- but other than that it is pretty much ready to move in. It is placed in the middle of two parks and it's around 20 mins walk to the old town with the coffee shops and so on- around 15 mins walk to the harbour. We thought it was a bit over the budget for us- but we have looked over how much we earn and so on and we can manage it without a problem. So today we are going to have a look at it again, and if we still like it- we are going to bid on it. 

We still need to clear out our flat so they can come and take pictures of it so they can put it out and sell it. But we don't really think it will be a problem to sell our old flat. But ya I'm not going to jinx it.. So if everything goes after plan we will be moving out in a month- 6 weeks ish.. That would be great cause we really need more space. 

I need to go shopping soon.. It is getting pretty cold and I barely have any warm cloths.. I might just get online since I don't know when I would have time to go shopping again.. It's just not as fun :( 

Anyways I don't have much else to say today... 




Why is it that when ever I feel like letting go.. I get this insane feeling of having a huge B/P session??


I have a new motto..

One step at the time..

I am so sick of my self trying to do over plan every single step of my life and then panicking if something unplanned happens. But guess what.. I am going to teach my self to take one step at the time.. What ever is going to happen will happen no matter how much I try to control everything.. So from now on I am going to worry and deal with things when/if they happen.

Like my hair salon time.. They couldn't fit me in for the Brazilian blow dry until .. October 13th.. Until now I would totally go mental and be in wtf mode.. Now I am chilling and thinking OK- my hair will look good for Christmas time.. hehe..

I am also taking a whole new outlook on the baby stuff.. I am done trying to convince my self that I don't want it to happen. I am done trying my fucked up mind control it.. I love my hubby.. I want to have kids with him.. I have always been wanting this.. I am not going to ruin it for me and for him being all "I dunno" about it.. I mean.. For all we know it might not happen before a few months.. It's not like people get pregnant the second they decide to. AND we didn't last month using no rubber at all... So the plan is to keep restricting the calories and pick up the training and IF I get pregnant I will deal with it then. They actually recommend light training during the whole pregnancy so it doesn't mean I can not get stronger during the thing as well as before..

And you know what girls.. I have never ever seen my hubby being so stressed over a subject.. He said "I am worried that you will regret the pregnancy and the baby and I wont be able to deal with it" ... OMG.. I can not believe I have let him think that I would regret it all.. Cause I would never.. Ever...

Anyways over to food and so on.. My tummy is pretty upset after the weekend. I am taking it easy with food and so far I have basicly have had a banana (it's lunch time now)-- I am also trying to drink a bunch of water cause I feel so thirsty all the time.. I guess my body needs it to balance it self back again...

I have also decided to cut the step two to only once a day- and that with dinner time. That is my main meal of the day with something hot to eat- so I think that is the right way to go.. I don't want to stress up my tummy like this again :S I got on the scale today.. I haven't lost or gained.. But it is sort of weird cause I have been really sick lol.. So I was suspecting that I would weigh in less.. But I guess being this bloated is messing it up?? I dunno... hmm...

Now that I am feeling better I am also back to counting calories and writing down the intake again. So that is good.. I guess we will see if it gets better by Thursday when I have my next date with the scale.. The scale... AKA THE evil lover.. Can't live with it.. Can't stand to be without it hehe

This week started more chill at work.. I still have a whole bunch of cases that are left from last week.. But I think I will be done with most of it today. *keeps them crossed*

We also finally got to place our wedding gifts - returned a couple- used out gift vouchers. We got us a Nespresso pixie  and a food processor from the Jamie Oliver Tefal series.. We got us a fun surprise when we got home and saw that it also had a blender in the pack.. hehe.. Got a bunch of small stuff for the rest of the vouchers so it was a whole lot of fun..

I also got around to write most of the thank you cards- and to sort the guestbook- picked out around 36 pictures we asked the photo dude to fix. I must say it is good to have most of the wedding related things done. All that is left is to pay the guys that filmed the wedding ( we still haven't received the bill ) and to fix the photo book when we get the pictures...

We are still flat hunting.. We saw this flat yesterday which would be perfect for us in every way.. We would need to have the kitchen fixed- but I guess that is a good thing since we will be able to have it done the way we want it.. We have to sort out and see if we can afford it cause it is a tad over the budget we were planning on spending. But then again.. It is also much bigger and central placed than we though we could have it.. So we will see..

Anyways :) We will see how it goes :)



A bad bad bad reaction...

Erm... So I am having the worst reaction to the step one of the plan my aunt gave me... I have been up sick all night... And the powder and aloe vera made me gag even more...

So I talked to her.. We are skipping step one.. Giving the tummy couple days to relax and going on step two on Monday..

Ugg.. The last time I was so sick was when I had food poisoning...


A fix for my fibro pains?? A tad of flex.. And a whole lot of blab :)

Aiit.. So I haven't had the time to make a proper post in a while. Things at work have been INSANE since I got back from the honeymoon. Hopefully as I mentioned in my last post it all will be chill from the next week :)

@FedUp: You are right hehe.. It is sort of funny how the work was dead and suddenly there is barely time to breath :)

Now.. Lets start with the trip to Germany.

The weekend was good. I met my aunt and gran (from my dads side).. I don't meet them much and haven't really had a relationship with them since my mum remarried the asshole of a stepdad I had.. But that's a story for some other time. My gran has bought us a flat as our wedding gift. The flat is in Iran (Where I was born).. According to her the flat is worth around 20k USD.. And she is at the moment renting it out for around 2k USD per month. She asked me what I wanted to do with the flat and after hubby and I talked it over, we think we gonna have it rented out for 1-2 year and have them to save the money up for us- and then sell the flat and send us all the rent and the amount they sell it for. If everything goes after plan it will be a good bunch of cash I will get and with that I can cover my study loan and the left over house loan I have back in Norway.
I think it is really nice of her to think of me even though we barely have any contact.

My aunt she has her own practice where she does acupuncture and stuff like that- she also practices herbal medicine. She has given me this plan which can ease the pain I have with the fibromyalgia, it is said to be even able to cure the illness. I do not think that I will get rid of it- but I think it will help a whole lot.

The plan is in 4 steps.. First I am going to empty my gut.. (yes it is as yuck as it sounds lol)- I will take lax tonight - and from tomorrow I am going to start on this powder mix- I have to drink it every morning and night- and after I am going to take an spoon of organic aloe vera gel. I am going to do this for 14 days- then take a week off- and do it again for 14 days. I am going to use the lax once before each 14 day period. (So this will last for 5 weeks)

When that we have this plan to make my stomach acid normal- So i have to drink yet another yucky powder twice a day. And I am going to blend some drips I got from her in a glass of water and drink one glass before and one glass after lunch and dinner. 6 weeks later I will add another drip which I have to use for 3 more weeks. ( total of 9 weeks)

When this is all done I can start taking couple of pills in the morning and night to get rid of the shit that is causing the pain in my joints. I need to do this for at least 4 weeks.

So if everything goes after plan I should be almost pain free after 18 weeks. Starting tomorrow- it will be done by the end of this year. She said to get the for best result I should try to avoid dairy products - red meat- pork- and keep the intake of wheat and eggs low.

I have been playing with the idea of going flexitarian/vegetarian for a good while and I don't see any reason to post pond it any longer. I am sort of sick of everything meat related and after seeing a couple of episodes I have been even more sick with the idea of meat. I have bought some vegetarian and soya product which I will be replacing some of my food with already from tomorrow. Good for me... For my body and for nature. Hubby wont be partaking in most of it.. He is using the training as an excuse for not doing it.. But then again I am the one doing most of the cooking in this house.. So I guess he will eat what I serve him lol .. And it's not like we are going to cut out everything right away. He can still have some white meat if he wants to.

Oh and I sort of got my pre birthday- birthday gift from hubby today ^^ I don't know if you guys remember me mentioning that I really wanted to try Brazilian blow dry after I read this article on Nicole Richie's blog.. And it is supposed to last for 3 months... Imagine not having to stress with my hair every single morning.. mmm..  Anywho... I am in this deal of the day site and they had it as the deal of the day today- so I will be able to getting it for 1/3 of the price it normally costs... So I was telling him that I was considering to get it.. And he got it for me ^^ (Yes girls.. He spoils me way too often and I must admit I love it ^^).. I am really looking forward to try and see how it goes..

We are also finally going to get back on track with the training.. He really has to start working out and getting ready.. He has his first big competition in November. This means that we both can finally start working out properly. I think the first 3 weeks will be really hard but then it gets easier and easier. I am really looking forward to all of this.. Working hard and focus on everything until end of this year and start next year fresher.. healthier. Lighter.. and most of all balanced.

I have a weight loss goal for this year, I am counting it down as 18 weeks which is almost what is left of this year.. I which to reach my first main goal weight, which gets me off the morbidly obese BMI.. AKA 174 lbs.. To reach this goal I will have to have a steady weight loss of 3,5 lbs per week. Considering how fat I am and how much I have to lose, I do not think the number is too high.

Anyways gonna go spend some time with hubby.. Wishing you all a great weekend girls <3


30 mins left from my lunch break...

So I just grabbed my laptop and moved into a room.. Took off my shoes and put up my feet ^^ And OMG.. It feels so nice.. This week has been insane.. I am ignoring everything and anyone.. I just needed a break.. I haven't really been eating anything for lunch since I feel sick of all the stress.. And didn't feel like eating at all.. 
I guess it's good. I rather just have some blog time.. I must admit I miss having the blog time.. Can not wait for tomorrow to be over.. I really need a break.. We still haven't even moved the wedding gifts we got lol. Everything is in the middle of the living room on the dinner table.. I want to have a look and get those in place.. And I want to use the IPL laser thingi I bought in Barcelona. I haven't had the chance to try it even :S -- I also have to pick the pictures I want the photo dude to fix.. And maybe start on the thank you cards.. Oh and I want to get some driving done.. I still don't have a license and I want to be done with it by the end of this year. Or the start of next at the latest. 
I am done with my period.. Yay for that.. I was horrid.. But I dunno it is because I have been so tired.. Or cause I have been eating less. But I have barely had any cravings during this one.. AND for the first time in AGES I am done with my period and I haven't gained anything.. I got on the scale this morning and I have lost around half a pound. Not much but so much better than a gain. :) 
I think.. Hope next week at work will be more chill.. One of the guys will be back from his vacation. The other that has been home sick since yesterday should be back by Monday. This guy that was on parental leave will be back on Tuesday.. So I think it will be more chill.. 
My bday is next Friday and we were talking about maybe take a trip to Oslo for the weekend.. But I am not sure if I want to. I think I rather just have some "home" time if you know what I mean. And maybe have the Oslo trip later in the month.. Will see..  I am getting old girls... lol.. Really old :P 

Anyways.. I think I need to get off now. Gonna get me some tea and so on before I need to be back again.. 




I am tired.. Overly stressed at work.. And barely get any sleep... I feel like I am on the edge on everything hubby says or does... EVERYTHING annoys me..

I miss being able to just go home- eat something and go to bed.. and sleep... and sleep... and sleep.. I love my hubby.. Don't misunderstand me.. But I fucking need a break to breath and sleep :S

I can not deal with him keeping me up till midnight every night with his noise and so on.. 5-6 hours of sleep isn't enough when I am as tired as I am.. I just need some time to fucking be..


Need to get off again..


Back.. Again..

I'm sorry but I am sort of too tired and too confused to post.. Germany trip was good.. Very emo.. Finally got my period again.. But being almost a week late has given me cramps from hell..
Work is insane and it will be pretty bad this week, since it is only 2 of us left.. We have a bunch of new employee's but they all just started are on their trainee program. So I am really really worn out..

This weekend was Ok with food. I didn't get to write down or count things but I didn't eat much. I didn't drink much either :S Which is probably the reason why I have the headaches and feel so dried out..

I am starting to write down and count calories again tomorrow and I will weigh in again on Friday. My period should be way couple days before then and I shouldn't be as bloated.



Another wedding picture :)

I found this picture of me between the original pictures that the photo dude had ignored.. And I LOVED it hehe.. I don't often love pictures of me.. But this one is not too bad :) Since some of you wanted more pics I decided to post it here for a while :)

Edit: Removed pictures

@ Fed up: I just wanted to say that YOU are the only reason why I could stick to only two slices. The way you deal with food and eating out is my inspiration. So I am sure you will be fine this weekend <3 

Guys are stupid..


We got our wedding photo's.. The guy that tok the picture is a friend of our friend who does it as a job.. Anywho.. The moron was supposed to fix some of the pictures and send a copy of them to me before sending them to the movie guys so they could use it as the intro on the DVD's and for the cover and so on..

First of all he "forgot" to do the first part so he just sent them to the guys.. Instead of sending them 10 pictures as they had asked he had only sent 3- they needed 3 different.. And OMG!!!!!! OMG!!!! The guy fucking must be an utter idiot.. Cause he has chosen 3 pictures where we look like retards.. /sigh..

He also had "fixed" 30 ish pictures that he sent to me along with the rest of the pictures and OMG again :S The pictures he has fixed are so fucked up..

There is one from me where I am holding my boobs and my BFF is fixing the back of my dress.. Where my boobs look like they are falling out :S He has a frontal picture of that and he fixed that one?? WTF.. What the fuck was he thinking??

Or there is one from the back of my dress at the end of the night... There the tail is on the floor and the picture is focused on the tail.. And the tail is dirty cause it was rainy and we had walked a tad on a sandy road... and he has fixed that as a picture ?? WHY!!!!! Or he has fixed a pictures of the guys that were filming the wedding.. *sigh*

If there is 5 picture from the same moment.. where 4 looks AMAZING and 1 fucked up.. He has fixed the fucked up one.. My husband doesn't have the turkey neck.. And in every fucking picture he has fixed we look like we do...

Anyways I mailed him and tok him I wanted him to fix a selection of pictures that I decide.. That is what he should have done to begin with.. Ugg... Lets see what he says.. I am so fucking annoyed atm... *sigh* I do not understand how he can make a fucking living from doing this shit and be this way?

And I am mailing the guys that made the DVD's so see if we can swap any of the pics- hopefully we can change the pic that is used as the menu background cause it is horrid... Like really really horrid...

Ok.. I just got an email from him saying he will fix the pictures I decide.. I am glad he didn't argue about it.. Cause that would be even more annoying..

Yesterdays intake was OK. I over calculated a whole lot I think. I had two slices of thin crust pizza - for dinner. Which is actually VERY good, cause I normally overeat with pizza. It is one of my binge foods... Anyways.. Just to be sure I over calculated.

Today was weigh- in day. I have lost 0.7 lbs since Tuesday but I am going to weigh in again tomorrow, cause we ate really late last night and my body is a tad off. I am late .. again.. But I have taken like 4 tests and they were all negative so I'm not really worried about being pregnant. I guess my body just needs to adjust after all stress and travels. But I am sort of bloated and ya kind of meh.. If you know what I mean.

:( Gotta get back to work kaos... I will be away from tomorrow - getting back really late Sunday night. Leaving for Germany pretty early tomorrow morning.

Wishing you all a great weekend <3


Nightly check-in..

Calories consumed: 1300 - this is probably not correct and more than what it is- but I couldn't find the right things to calculate in my fitness pal and I was too tired to make sure. I will over calculate to be on the sure side.
Calories burned: 0
Net: 1300

Been a long long day.. Can't wait to go to bed.


Yet another lunch time post :)

I am liking the idea about spending my lunch break on the blog.. Makes me look busy to others so they don't bug me with the "oh aren't you going to eat with us" comments.. It sure isn't the behind the PC work that makes office workers fat but all the damn office munching.. 

Anyways today after work we are going to pick up the film they made from our wedding day. Sort of dreading it lol.. One thing to see the flab on photo's another to see it in motion from every damn corner ... Blah.. Ah well... I guess it will be a reminder of what I do not to let my self reach ever ever again. 

I am getting a hold of the diet plan. It is easy to hold it light during the work day. And I have figure out a way to how deal with the hungry pang at the end of the day. 

I drink a cup of tea or coffee when the day is close to over- and when I get home I have eaten either a corn cake (around 8 calories per slice) - or a really light sandwich. And it keeps my tummy still until dinner. Yesterday I could have probably waited longer to eat dinner- but hubby and I try to always have dinner together. 

Making my portion ready in the kitchen has helped a whole lot. Now I only eat what is in my plate- and if I am hungry I just feel up on water. But to be honest, I haven't felt hungry after eating the dinner portion. I don't get that full either.. I guess this is how a normal portion size is supposed to be. 

Good news is that I have not purged for weeks. I guess being busy with the wedding- and then turning my focus on my hubby on the honeymoon and now focusing on portion control is the key. I feel very good about this. And for the first time in ages it feels like this is something that is working for me and my everyday. Giving my self a "realistic" calorie amount per day- and counting on weekly bases is helping me not to worry about the weekends trip. Also the whole "you can not eat this and that" pressure isn't that. I know that if I want something I can have it- I just need to have less of the other things. I know that this is something that "normal" people do on everyday bases- but for me it is not usual to think and act this way. And I am starting to enjoy the mind set. 

I have always been so extreme.. I either overeat and purge- or just overeat- or starve. I don't think I have had a normal eating pattern since I was 10 years old. Well around that age.. My eating is probably not something others would put in the healthy/normal manners- but I am happy with it. I guess that's what matters, if I am not happy with it I wont keep going on it either. 

I am also enjoying WII fit plus. I didn't burn all that much of calories doing it last night- but the combo of yoga- streching- and the light cardio did felt good. I think I will stick to doing 30 mins of it until end of this month and see what we can do about the gym when the opening hours are normal again. 

@ Tempest: There are places to walk around my work- but the thing is that the weather here is pretty crappy.   It rains very very often so I have a habit of just wait in the office until he gets here. But this is actually a very good idea. I will start walking down and meet him half way on the days there is no rain/snow :) 

@ Harlow: The sad thing is that the gym we use is actually supposed to be one of the best in the city. My job has a deal with it - and it used to be less than 1 mins walking distance from our old office. I was not aware that they would change their opening hours suddenly during summer time. If it was for only a couple weeks then it would be OK- but they started with them almost a month before the normal vacation time starts here- and they are keeping them for another month after it is over.. So it really sucks... :S They are also pretty expencive.. So you would think they would be more flexible with the hours.. Ah well.. Lesson learned I guess :) 

@Kes: Thanks hon :) We love the flat too- we are going to see if it is as good as the pictures on Monday ^^

@Fed Up: It does look sort of IKEA ish I guess hehehe.. I guess I don't think about it cause it is normal to have the the style here in the nordics :) The location also perfect.. I must say.. I can not stop staring at the ugly hair wall papare combo's they have in the living room.. Or the matching wallpaper to the drawers in the bedroom.. lol It is one of those things that it is so bad that you have to keep looking at it ^^ A paint job and some cute furnishing will make it look so much better..

To the rest of you... Thank you so much for the comments on my last few posts. I am sorry that I don't always on your blogs- Sometimes I start writing a comment but then I just nvm it cause I can come across too directly and I don't want to hurt/offend people. But I can say for sure that I almost always read the blogs and posts you make :) 

Anyways lunch break almost over. I will check-in tonight for the numbers. 



Nightly check-in..

Calories consumed: 841
Calories burned: 151
Net: 690

Did 27 mins on the combine program on the Wii- Tok one out of each program. It was really fun and I srsly got a sweat going on. Low cal burn maybe- but for my 0 exercise the last months this is great..

Lunch break post :)

Today has been sort of busy at work. The fact that I have been very tired is probably also a factor in why I haven't been on much hehe.
I didn't get up on time for the Wii this morning. We got to bed soo late.. My hubby was being a brat playing on the wii for hours lol.. He is sort of cute this way and his bratness (if that is a word but you know what I mean) is one of the reasons why I love him.. But he had today off-- and I didn't and around 4 hours of sleep is just a little too little for me. He is the type of person that falls sleep before his head hits the pillow.. While I have trouble getting sleep and I am a very light sleeper. Anyways.. I am going to do the program tonight.

Our gym hours are still very crappy until end of this month- I dunno if you remember me posting about their changed summer time hours.. By the time we are home and on our way barely 30 mins of their opening hours is left.. Hubby and I drive together to/from work since he works outside the city he can drive me to work- it is a 5 mins ish detour. But that means that I always have to wait for him after work- and that we get home late cause of the rush hours. We are going to change to a different one as soon our contract runs our. But that is still months away. Mine runs out around end of March I think and his close to end of this year.

We are also looking to buy a new bigger flat now. We saw this one close to the park where we got married, and I really loved it. We gonna try and see if we can get a viewing of the place today. Here are some pictures from the add. Some painting- and our own furniture would make it really nice. The balcony is HUGE!! its almost as big as my old flat in Oslo lol.. And the park being walking distance from it is very very nice. The area is also close to very nice school and so on for the future plans. So keep them crossed :)

Meh, lunch break was over 15 mins ago and I sort of got distracted.

Right.. So I got on the scale today. And I am 6.1 lbs down since we got back from the honeymoon. So far so good.. 124 to go lol :P I have changed my goal weight again.. I keep having trouble deciding

I keep losing track of my thought. It is really busy at work today. I guess I will just publish this post and see if I can make one later..



Nightly check-in..

Consumed calories: 1045
Burned calories: 31

Net: 1013

The burned calories are just from setting up and testing Wii fit plus. It was so fun that I am aiming for a combo program in the mornings. That is around 26 mins :)

Monday morning.. *yawn*

So I'm back to work.. And it is still vacation mode here. So it's not much to do. But there are a whole new bunch of people starting today. Our company is growing so there are a whole bunch of new employees here. Thinking about work :) I am officially an employee here. My trial contract was out a week ish ago. So this is great ^^

Anyways.. I keep getting AFK here.. Damn work getting in my way of blog time :P . But almost lunch time :)
I have a new plan about what my eating/training days will be like. So this is what I am thinking:

- During work day I will eat couple pieces of fruit where one will be a banana and couple of corn/rice cake. Drink green tea- coffee and water. - If we are going to the gym, I will have a protein shake after. If not then some low fat yoghurt or something similar that is low in calorie. - Work days aren't normally where my problems are.. It is dinner time I need to get a grab on. I am putting down a few rules for dinner time, and these are:

  • If I have a "I am starving" day. I will start my meal with a green salad. 
  • I will eat only one portion. If I am still hungry I can have an additional portion of veg as a second. 
  • I will have my food served- I will use a blue one since so many say it will keep the appetite down, and well blue is pretty.
  • I will make my portion on the kitchen counter and not serve all the food on the table. ( For me it's easier to overeat if I everything is just there).. 
  • I will only eat oven baked/ grilled/ steamed or cooked food. No frying ( We don't fry our food that often, but still)
- I am aiming to keep my daily calories no more than 1200. But I will be going on a weekly amount of calorie and not daily. I want to be able to work around it for dinners out. So a weekly amount of 8400 per week.
- I will also write down everything I eat in the old fashion way- and punch it in my counter in the end of the day. Most of the times I tend to overeat if I have room in my calorie budget. So I think maybe it's better to calculate it all in the end of the day to prevent that..
- I also am going to only weigh in twice a week. I have put Mondays and Thursdays for that. Once a week is too little for me, I would just ignore. But twice a week should be doable. I didn't get on the scale this morning,  so this week it will be Tuesday and Thursday. - Tonight I am going to take out the measuring tape- and measure up stuff. I am going to keep the numbers and redo it once a month. I think sometimes the scale can be harsher, so I guess it is something to look at when the scale is telling me my work isn't giving results.

Talking about "my work"- I am also aiming to get my butt to the gym 3 times a week. I am not going to aim for too much cause it means I can fail on it. At the gym I want to focus on cardio and light weight training. I also am going to use the couch to 5k to warm up or to finish up or instead of other cardio machines. I don't know how to work it in yet- but it will be there.. I really want to start running. It is one of my "can't do" things.. So I really really want to do it. There is a plan for it for those who want to do it on the treadmill. So it should be doable. I don't really see that much difference in the "normal" and the treadmill version of it.. I have the app on my cellphone so that makes everything much easier.

I am also going to get better on getting in a session on our WiiFitPlus.. We haven't used it yet since we bought it right before the wedding. So tonight I am going to put up the settings and fix it to my numbers. I aim to use it on the  days we don't get to the gym OR maybe I will even try to get up earlier in the mornings and do a before work yoga or something :) I don't know. One step at the time is what I aim for.

Hum... I think that is it for now. Eating less and get moving. That is the most sane way of doing it, isn't it?

As in for more pictures- here are a couple from the church and so on and one from our honeymoon, I will have to revome them before we go to Germany. :)

Edit: Pictures removed

Gotta get off here.. Kaos at work hehe..



The wedding, honeymoon and all that jazz....

The wedding went OK .. I say OK because a whole bunch of things went wrong hehehe 
I love my hubby, and I must say I will never ever ever do this again lol... I know many brides say they do.. But I don't.. I am taking it for what it was.. Gonna save the best of it and enjoy the rest of my life with my Mr. Blue Eyes (That's what I often call my hubby ^^)..  I btw love to call him my husband .. 
Lets start with the start.. One of my bridesmaids managed to be like 15 mins late even when she knew we were waiting for her in the limo.. (Don't ask me why.. *sigh*)... So we were late for church... When we got there, one of our friends came out with our flowers and my bouquet's flowers were kind of... Well lets just say they weren't fresh... And looked half brown... *sigh*
The musician .. Well I think he was "in the zone" cause he sort of kept playing :P He played for like 10 minutes after I was at the alter lol.. Kind of funny but ya.. After all that we went to the port to take some pictures.. I hope they got nice, cause we couldn't go where we had planned to go and had to hit another place and we sort of didn't have much room to take different pictures.. The wind was REALLY harsh so it kind of messed my hair lol
We went to the park where we were to meet the others. And it started raining lol... We got to the gazibo just to realise that the people that were taking care of it hadn't done their job. They were supposed to serve people drinks and fruit while they were waiting for us.. But they didn't start serving before we got there.. Anywhoo :P
The dinner was fine.. Good food.. But I had some issues with my dress.. The front kept gliding down (I had no bra since it has inner lining) so after a while I asked got helped by my bridesmaids and got a bra on.. It didn't helped much but ya... hehehe.. Mid dinner the sun came out.. So after the desert we went out and tok some more pictures.. Family pics and so on.. 
Then the DJ came.. And no one would dance lol .. I mean OMG.. This is the problem with nordic people.. They can not let lose unless they are drunk.. And we didn't serve alcohol with dinner.. 
The servers were I dunno... They didn't do much of what we had asked.. The bar that was supposed to be open after the dinner weren't.. If it wasn't for our toastmaster nothing would be in time... He did an amazing job... Anywhoo.. They were supposed to serve drinks all night.. But no.. Almost by end of the night.. Someone told me they were taking money to serve at the bar :S -- They were only to do that for the alcohol not anything else... 
They also were late serving our cake.. And then the most horrid thing happened.. They put a fucking firework thing on top of my beautiful cake when they were taking it out.. I felt my tummy turn when I saw it... Who the fuck does that?? It was not fucking 4th of July.... My BFF saw my face and got rid of it as soon as they got the cake on the table.. But it is on film for the rest of our lives .. lol .. Look... 
And those girls in the picture are the "smart" ones who put the freaking thing on top of my cake... *Sigh*.. Ah well.. Anyways.. Long story short.. I am glad I have an amazing husband hehe and yes I did have a good time   and I am glad we are done hehe :) 
The honeymoon was nice too. I was disappointed over Rome tbh.. The city was dirty, the people weren't what you would call friendly and everything was overpriced.. We saw everything that was to see but most of our time was spent being honeymooners . We were in Rome for 5 nights and then we tried to get to Barcelona.. And yes I say try cause that is what it was.. 
We got to the airport 2 hours early and when we wanted to check in we were told that the flight was overbooked and they couldn't get us on it...... The moron behind the desk couldn't say if we would get on the next flight either cause that too was overbooked.. Apparently the italian airline has a habit of overbooking all it's flights cause as they put it "it is legal" ... I mean WTF.... And then the moron managed to say "oh but we will make sure that you can stay here for the night" WTF.... We didn't spend that much money to stay at the airport.. And yes ladies.. You are right.. I flipped... I really flipped.. I was so pissed I could hit someone... Those tickets weren't exactly cheap either.. And they say " we will make sure that you have a place to stay" .. Fuck off.. lol Right.. After I screamed at a her.. and her manager. and her managers manager.. We got on the plane at the last minute... *Sigh* 
I loved Barcelona... The city was clean.. And people much more friendly. The shopping scene rocked.. And we had loads of fun.. I bought a few things ... This really cute purse I love.. Which isn't something I would normally buy.. (I am more of a black purse kind of girl)... It is from the brand Desigual.. I also bought something else I have been wanting for ages.. It is an IPL thingi.. And it is sort of a bright light which makes the hairs on the body go on this sleep mode- so as long as you keep using it you will be hairfree.. We bought it for almost couple of hundred dollars less than what it costs here. 
Anyways.. We had a whole lot of fun, ate mostly good food.. But no one of us is used to high carb food so we have gained a whole bunch. Well he hasn't gained but he has this pouch lol.. We are going back to the gym tomorrow.. I have already lost 4 lbs of the many gained pounds eating our normal diet since yesterday... Oh and girls I am sorry to say, but I don't think I can post that many pics.. I talked to my hubby and he agreed to the one I posted but he isn't really keen on me posting pics on this blog.. I will have to remove that one after a while too. I will see what to do :) 

Anyways.. I have to be off now.. Tomorrow is a work day- working only 4 days this week since we are heading to Germany on Friday for the weekend. We are visiting my fathers sister and mum there.. I don't really have a relationship with them, but she is getting really old so it might be my last chance to see her. I will make a post tomorrow with the new gym/diet plan.. 
Oh and I want to say welcome to the new followers, if I am not following your blog and you want me to, leave me a comment with your blog link and I will :) 



Back :)

Just got home from Barcelona.. I will make a proper post soon with details and so on about how the wedding went :) . And I will get updated on your blogs.. I have missed you guys..

A bunch of you asked for some pics from the wedding. I don't have many yet since we haven't received the pictures yet but some friends posted some on Facebook and here is one :)

Edit: Picture removed


love from Rome..

Just wanted to say hi from Rome.. the weather here has been insanely hot.. We are leaving for Barcelona tomorrow morning :)
Wish you all a great week and I will make sure to put up a proper post when we are done being honeymooners with pics and everything and get updated on your blog..

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