More fasting!

So I ended my last fast on Friday, and took a little time feeding.
I had my last meal last night, and now I am back at it.

During the last fast I lost 9 lbs, I have gained 1lbs after the "feeding" time. So all in all it was a 8lbs lost for 4 days!!!!

This week I am due to have my period so I might not be able to stay at it as long as I want - but there is always hope. I will make sure to update on how it goes, and how long I stay with it!



@K ! 

Fast is still going on.. I have been having coffee and water, tonight I am feeling a tad hungry, but I am planning on keeping it it. :) 

I hit 3 days around 5 PM today 


So I have consumed less about 800 calories since Sunday night, where about like 700 of it was from my dinner on Monday..

Not feeling hungry at all.. I think I might just keep going..