C25k pt.2!

Thanks to Seeking Something Else and Claire for wanting to do this with me - I have made a page where we can update and rant :)

It's the page called as fab as "running" (duuuh ^^) and here is the link :)
If anyone else wants to join us - just jump in and comment on the page :)

If you don't plan, you plan to fail!

Gonna do my best the last day of January and have a pang start to February ... No more being lazy - this weight needs to get off!!!!



I don't know if anyone remembers, but my work is the one of the sponsors for this running thing each year.. I did register for it last year, but then I found out that I was pregnant and never got started on the training for it.. 

This year is another story - the run is scheduled for 11th of May and I really want to try to attend the 5K run.. This means that I have around 3,5 months to get ready for it.. (This is way more time that I had the last time) - and I think I am going to put it as my first fitness goal.. 

I am going to start the C25K program (yet again) and see how it goes.. I was wondering - is anyone else planning to do some sort of running, and maybe wants to start the program with me? (I need all the motivation I can get).. 

Oh and I also e-mail my work - we have the right to get 1500sek that is around 250 dollars from our work for their "stay healthy" sponsorship plan to pay for gym ect. Last year I used it to pay for my lamaze classes.. Anywho - I mailed and asked if they will sponsor and pay for a gym membership while I am on my leave.. So fingers crossed - if I get a positive answer from them I will register to this gym close to out home as well.. I hope to be able to sneak of to it couple of nights while hubby is with the kid (I really need some kid-free time) - so we will see how it goes.. If they don't I will still have the running :) 



First I want to say thanks you for all your comments on my last post. Some made me more frustrated ^^ - some made me feel much better. All in all I am greatful that you ladies take the time to read my posts and that you tell me what your thoughts are about them.

I want to clear up something.. It is not that I do not want to breastfeed the kid.. God knows we have tried.. And the "feeding/movie marathon" is not an option for me due to my illness.. Fibromyalgia is a horrible illness - if you click on the link you can see what I am dealing with.. I am greatful to not have all the problems but I do have the pain - weakness - headaches - nerve pain - IB - along with the sleep issues.. Doing a socalled feeding marathon would mess up my body completly.. I get stiff muscles and I barely can pick up a cup of tea.. I do now as we speak struggle holding the kid up due to the nerve pain, but I deal with it cause I have to. I will however NOT make it worse for me by keep forcefeeding him to maybe have more milk to feed him with..

He started taking the breast perfectly pretty right away and his weight was going up the way it was supposed to and even a tad more the first 4 weeks - but the last 4 weeks has been a struggle.. He isn't losing weight, but he hasn't grown as he is supposed to. I eat the way I used to (I just watch and plan my meals better) and I do drink around 3L of water a day.. Often more..

Even I never thought of just going over to the bottle - and it was a hard thing for me to do - things has been so much better. He sleeps better, he is happy when he wakes up - he gurgles and plays and "talks" so much when he is up.. The baby is a happy baby and I think it is all thanks to the formula cause he isn't hungry anymore. I do still give him the breast - I give the right breast at one feed - the left next and then the bottle on the third feed. I do give him the bottle after he has gotten the breast if I see he isn't full but yeah.. This is working for us.. I am in waaaay less pain cause I'm not stressed and last night we slept for around 11 hours.. We were up to feed twice, but went back to bed and sleep right away..

I want to enjoy my baby and if this is the thing that gives us the chance to have a good time I am all for it :)

Btw Isabella Bloom, I can not read your blog anymore cause it says I am not an invited reader - toss me one if you want me to keep reading it :) Oh and I have read the book - and am on their blog and I have a few posts about it too!


It's not easy...

Being a mother is proving to be much harder than I thought it could be..
I have been been crying pretty much nonestop for the last two days.. I have been trying to cheer my self up - but it lasts for couple of hours before I'm crying again...

So apparently I do not produce enough milk to keep the kid full.. He has been sick, but even after he got better he has been screaming and crying sooo much.. He wanted to feed almost every hour and he never seemed full.. So yesterday we had his 2 months check-up and he weighs around couple of weeks under his age, this means he should weigh a pound more than what he does now..

I had thought about talking to the nurse about giving him some formula - but I never even got the chance to talk to her about it.. We are to give him formula now.. I have tried to breast feed him a little too, and I tried to pump abit today, but the amount of milk is way to little...

Who knew I would be crying over a lost pound. instead of a gained pound??

Anyways.. He doesn't like the bottle.. So feeding him is a huge argument.. He cries and screams for like 30 mins before he takes the bottle.. Which means I cry even more... I am feeling so bad and guilty ALL the time... I feel like a fail.. I feel like I am not what the kid needs...

I know I am being silly... I know this is something that happenes with a whole lot of people - and I know having fibromyalgia means I would probably would have this problem... But still I feel horrible...

I really need to see the good things in this..
I guess this means that he will not be hungry ..
He will sleep better..
I can eat or not eat what ever I want...
I can start working out not having to worry about the lactic acid...
Hubby can feed him on the nights where he doesn't have to go to work..
I can drink alcohol...
My boobs will hopefully shrink back (which means I'll lose atleast 2 pounds) and I can wear normal bras again..


I am so sorry about this messy post.. I just need to clear my head..

My husband has been wonderful though.. He stayed home today from work (I guess he didn't feel like going since I have pretty much been crying all night)... He has been up with the kid so I have gotten some sleep.. Not much.. But way more than before.. And he is with him now so I can have some alone time.. I am lucky to have his as my husband.. I don't think I could do any of this without his support..

My head is killing me.. I think I should eat something and drink more water.. Again.. sorry for the messy post..


Yet another update..

So this week hasn't been going as I planned.. The pre-made dinners I made tasted like poo... Hubby ate a couple of boxes for dinner one day - I had one and I ended up tossing away the two last one.
I have also been insanely moody.. I think I might have a touch of PPD - but I am not sure if that is the case or if it is just my mind acting up..
I was going to start this post saying that I am failing again - but then I reconsidered.. I haven't been gaining - so I am not failing yet.. Am I?
Anywho.. I have made yet another meal plan for next week.. This one is inspired from the old plan I got from my PT back in the days. I am feeling pretty OK about it cause it means no "special" food for me.. I make the same thing for me and the hubby.. This way I don't have to make different meals and I wont be tempted.. We have to change up the veg - just he is pretty picky but I don't mind cooking up different veg (much easier than making two different meals) .. And ofc this means I need to practice proper portion control..

For breakfast I will be having eggs (mostly egg white salad or egg white omelette) - or wasa crackers with turkey ham on.. Then a snack or fruit or yoghurt - lunch will be homemade toast or salad - then another snack of fruit or yoghurt.. Dinner are as follow :
Mondays: Cod with potatoes and veg
Tuesday: Chicken filet with rice and veg
Wednesday: Pasta and homemade meatsaus with salad ( extra veg instead of pasta for me)
Thursday: Salmon with rice and veg
Friday: WW dogs with mash and veg (hubby will have normal hot-dogs or meatballs instead)
Saturdays and Sundays are the "normal eat" days - where it will be Sandwiches for breakfast - pancakes or soup for lunch - Stew (Persian food) one day - and homemade junk food (aka pizza, burgers, taco ect. ) another. We (this was hubbys request) are also going to limit takeout dinner to once a month. - We do sometimes eat brunch outside - but those are normally healthy toast or salad, so I don't really feel bad about it at all.

I guess if I am ever to have a normal relationship with food, I have to learn to control my portions.. When I do (as I did while I was pregnant) the weight will drop..

Anyways.. Hubby needs to go away for a week right after the kid is 3 months and the idea of being alone freaks me out. My BFF can stay with me along with her 7 months old daughter but I dunno.... What do you girls think I should do? Should I ask him stay?


Weigh in!

At first when I got on the scale this morning I was ttly :S since my weight was the same as yesterday.. But then I checked my weight app on the phone and I have actually lost couple of pounds since my official first weigh-in last Sunday.

So I wont be upset, my new mantra is that every single pound counts... I still haven't had the chance to take my measurements but I am going to do that right after this post since the little guy is finally asleep.

Random fact.. He used to sleep to Madonna - but ever since his daddy puts him to sleep at nights, he only goes to sleep to this song... I guess my little boy has the same moody sense of music as I do ^^

So.. I guess I have to say happy Monday (even though we all know I hate Mondays!) - and keep them crossed for the new eating plan I have made..

So I looked at the time and realized I hadn't been stepping on the scale at the same time I had last week - so I went on it again and my actual weight now is much lower than I thought!!! So the official loss of this week is 3 pounds and not two :) Yaay!



So today we did the groceries and I bought a bunch of veg. I got zucchini - bell peppers and mushrooms. I cooked it all in low sodium veggie broth (I read somewhere that cooking the stuff in broth makes it all easier since you can skip seasoning and it works fine for me) in the oven. It gave 5 cups worth of veg. I also boiled some skinless chicken breast in broth - and cooked some wholemeal couscous. I premade 5 portions worth of one cup of each and that is what I am going to have for dinner the rest of the week along with some salad on the side.

I also thought about breakfasts - I didn't find any yoghurt that was low on sugar/fat that I liked, so I am skipping the cheerios.. We do not have almond milk here Josie.. I have been looking for it - but haven't found it yet :S - And Miranda, we don't have eggbiters either.. I think I could find that in the American store but it will probably be too overpriced. So I have decided on having eggwhite mushroom omlettes for breakfast. That is easy and works for me.

I bought some frozen lunch dishes and those are around 400-440 calories per portion (these are low sodium products).. So with snacks and my tea a whole day worth of food will be around 1600 calories.. Breastfeeding burns around 500 calories a day- so even with the unplanned calories I should be able to stick to a good 1200 calorie plan if I eat like this.

I know, I know - I am doing the "eat the same thing over and over again" thing.. But - the lunch meals and the snacks will be different so I wont get sick - and I am planning to change the protein and the veg each week.. AND to have "normal" dinners with hubby during the weekends.

Now I just have to stick to it.. And it should be moving..

Linny - as far as exercise goes, I have been wanting to go on walks with the baby but the weather has been horrid.. It has either been below zero, or it has been insanely strong wind. We have a mall close to us so I could go for walks inside -but with the flu season and the RS virus going around we are adviced not to take the babies to malls.. But it is on my to do list - I think it is good for the kid too :)

Emily - did I mention that it is 5 combined hours? ^^ an hour here - 2 there ect ^^ He slept much better last night so hopefully now that he is getting older (he was 7 weeks this Friday.. *sigh* he is growing too fast :( ) - We will get more sleep..

Lucy - When I was cutting down carbs, I replaced bread with high fiber wasa crackers - I am going to have crackers for my breakfast and snacks now again - maybe that will work for you too? :)

Little Miss Thin - I love the show too :) I catch them on this channel on youtube since they don't show it on tv here.

Anywho :) Gotta be off now - hope you all are having a great weekend :)


Not doing so well!

Ugh... Started this post several times- during several days and kept having to go away - so if everything doesn't make sense.. Sorry!


I am sort of not losing weight at all... I know it's only been a few days, but it has made me think of what is wrong.. So I did my weigh-in and took the pictures - I haven't taken measurements yet, but then again, this is the first time I have had some time since the last time I posted. Little mr. has been sick, and as soon as he got better I got what he got and I am still not feeling all too good.

I tracked a couple of days worth my eats on MFP, and I am doing OK with my calories, but I think there are 3 reasons to why I am not losing weight..

1: I barely get 5 hours a sleep a night
2: I don't keep my portion sizes since I don't get the chance to eat more than once or twice if I am lucky while hubby is at work
3: I eat too much carbs since it is the easiest thing to eat when you don't have much time to spend on food

I have been thinking about what I can do - and I think I should start planning my meals better. I was thinking about getting a whole bunch of veg when we do this weeks grocery shopping, and oven bake them all. And also precook some chicken filet and just make lunches for the whole week so I am set. That way I will skip the carb filled sandwiches. And I am also thinking about having some cereal for breakfast - I know it's carby, but I am so sick of sandwiches and tasteless oatmeal, and it goes fast.. I just need to find something to have it with since I don't drink milk...
I also need to get some fruit to fill up on - I have been so bad with it ever since the kid was born.. And the fact that hubby never ever eats fruit unless I force him doesn't help... Maybe I should get back making smoothies.. Hmm..

I think I really need to plan my eats better. It was so much easier while I was pregnant - now I don't have the time to eat until I feel really starved, and that's as you know when I usually overeat..

On the good note, I tossed all the leftover cookies and candies we had after Christmas.. I have kept one bar which wasn't open - but it is well hidden and out of reach. I have been covering my chocolate needs with low fat hot coco and it's working well.

I guess I should just finish this post before I have to go away again... I'll try to make a proper post soon..


Just remembered this thing I was ttly :S about.. I was watching the new season of Supersize vs superskinny online.. And there was this picture from this dude who had died because his inner organs were smooshed by his fat.. OMG!!!!!!! I didn't know it was possible :S


Last day!

So today is the last day of holidays for us.. We have had visitors since 22nd of Dec, and the last of them went home today.. I think I might have gained around 4 lbs... (I really hope it's not more than that)..

I am going to weigh-in tomorrow. I am also going to take some pictures and take my measurements. My plan is to weigh-in every Monday, and take new picutres and do the measurements every 3 months.

I will make sure to update my numbers page tomorrow.. :)

A new year! I have loads of weight to ge rid of.. I know I can do this!

Gl to the rest of you ladies working on your goals..