Random rant!

Feel free to skip this post, this is mostly for me being in need of airing my brain..

My current BMR is: 1788 calories a day
My GW BMR is: 1288 calories a day

My daily calories goal should be no more than 1300 calories a day

I need to:
Drink more.. Coffee.. Tea... Water.. Iced tea..
Eat more greens to fill up and save calories..
Eat more vegetable soups.. Low cal and filling...

I have to limit white rice, white pasta, white bread, potatoes to once a month.. And limit my brown rice to no more than twice a week. Most of my carbs should come from fruit and veggies.

I have to limit fast food to no more than once a month..

No more eating while watching TV or behind the PC.. Playing with my cell or w/e.. I need to learn to focus on the food I am eating..

I need to plan my meals ahead.. I have said this before.. Not planning is planning to fail...

I have to stay active.. And remember that soon the baby will be walking.. Running.. And I want to be able to  keep up and play with him.. I do not want to be one of those mothers who sits on a bench watching their kids play..


Nice pattern!

I'm starting to get back in control. I must say I like it.. I am far from where I want to be, but I feel stronger and closer each day. I find keeping my goals small are helping. I aim for no more than 30 mins of activity a day and I catch my self doing more which is just a yaay factor :) - I am starting to feel better all over - my mood is better (not good but better) and I don't get the extreme depression modes which is something that I really appriciate. So all in all, things are good :)

Another fun note is that we bought a new car! This is the first time we buy a new, new car and not a used one hehe.. We needed a larger one since we don't really have room for anything but the stroller in the back, and the current car sit the baby has barely fits in.. Soon we have to change his car seat to a larger one and there just was no room for it.. We got a really good deal for our current car and there was this seasonal sale that gave an additonal 4000 USD off the price.. To seal the deal they tossed in winter wheels - so we are very happy :)

The choices were between two, one being larger and the one we picked. Hubby was drooling over the one we picked, and we always go for the more sensible options instead of thinking about the fun factors so this is a first for us as a couple.. We ended up with a Toyota Avensis combi.. I can see on the toyota site that this model is not sold in the US - so here is a pic!

The pictures are from a dealers site since ours isn't ready yet.. They said it would take 2-3 weeks to get it, it's been a week since we bought the car so hopefully it will be ready soon :D - Ours is going to be black metalic with black interios (Pretty standard for this model but I thought it looked amazing)! - The other good thing about this car is that it has automatic transmission which will be much kinder for my wrists.. 

I don't know how it is in other places but in the nordic you can get a license driving manual (It is called stick shift, isn't it) , which means you can drive cars with both manual and automatic transmission or you can get a lincense that only allows you to drive automatic transmission - and I think I am just going to get the last one. I mean, I don't think I will ever have to drive a stick and if we someday need to use a car with a stick shift then hubby can drive.. I just don't see the point of stressing with the clutching and ect when I have the option of skipping it!

Over to something else, the baby is 5 months old today.. I can not believe that he is so big already.. I feel lucky that I can stay home with him and see how much he is changing every day.. Lately he has been turning and twisting a whole lot and today I left him playing in his baby-gym for barely 20 seconds and came back to found him like this:

Edit to remove pictures

First I thought about turning him back to the right position but then I decided not to since he was having so much fun! He is such a happy baby, and I really feel blessed to be his mom.. I know the pregnancy was hard and that I have been had a rough time after he was born, but I truely feel that he is worth it all.. Just a tiny little smile and my heart just melt hehe - But then again, who can resist this little cutie? :D

Edit to remove pictures

Anyways :) That's it for now.. I hope next time I post I have some good progress numbers to report!


Fancy a tuna sandwich??

I love tuna.. I love tunamelts, tuna sandwiches ect..
As I write this I am watching Blood, sweat and takeaways on Netflix.. I will never ever eat tuna again..
I still have prawn and rice and chicken to watch and I am really dreading to watch the rice one, cause it is the one food I grew up with.. So yeah..

Watch it if you can.. Here are a couple of the links:




For the first time in ages I looked in the mirror this morning and thought I look beautiful (my face only but it's a huge thing me)


Semi vegetarian..

(Or even flexitarian if you feel more comfo with that term) - Is what this household is now.. We have talked about it and 4 out of 7 dinner/lunch meals we have are going to be vegetarian now.. I managed to get hubby to agree to this with a "imagine how much money we can save" comment..

Our income is much lower than it used to be after I went on my leave, and with the formula, diapers and everything else the kid needs, our monthly "food" cost has been over budget every single month.. Being lazy and buying partly made meals, or even things like sauces in jar ect has also been a reason why we have been going over budget.. So I told him about my idea and he is agreeing to it.. So the idea is to have fish one day, chicken another, and meat of some sort the third and veggie dishes for the rest.. And I am really looking forward to cook up some new stuff and to try a bunch of recipes I have put on hold..

I bought the Happy Herbivore cookbooks from amazon and I have the skinny bitch cookbook (along with lovely Claires blog ) which are vegan recipes and I am hoping to use them to ease us into eating more and more plant-based food. I don't think I will ever manage to go 100% vegan or vegetarian for that matter, but I think this is a huge step into the right direction..

There is one thing I am really confused about though.. What do you eat for breakfast besides eggs/jams when you want to reduce animal based products??? Any ideas?

I am also hoping to introduce juicing (I juice from time to time, but hubby hates it.. ) to him and to the baby when that time comes..

Do you guys have any vegetarian blogs/ cookbooks/ recipies you love? - If you do, please do share..


Retail therapy!

I barely got any sleep  last night... I just couldn't shut my brain off.. Waking up to your comments made me feel much better :)

I will keep going to the gym - my goal is to become one of those girls, others like the current me envy..

I have been out all day - walking (shopping mostly).. First of I picked up the christening gown I had bought online (It was on sales, saved 50% on it) - I really don't understand why they insist on putting something so girly on little boys, but oh well, it's tradition so we are going with it. Personally I do not believe on christening, and think it is something that should be done when kids are old enough to understand what it means and why it's done, but it is a huge tradition here so we are having it out of the respect for my hubby's family.. Here is a picture of what the gown looks like (The picture is from facebook and belongs to one of the ladies in my "mommy and me" group) - we are going for lighter blue ribbon - and unless it is very cold he will not be wearing the long sleeved body under the gown.

I also bought a pair of trainers - I don't have any comfy shoes at the moment and I wanted something to toss on walking to and from gym, and on the walks to the park with the baby and these were almost 60% off and they barely weigh anything.. I must say I have never ever worn such comfy shoes lol - my plan is to avoid staying at the locker-room as much as possible for now.. So I will get dressed at home and toss on these shoes and a warm jacket - and change my shoes to my normal trainers..

I also bought a pair of sunglasses.. I only had one pair that looked OK - so I really needed an extra pair.. These are cheap and look good (Atleast that's what I think hehe) 

I also bought a new cover for my phone.. These say it all - don't they? 
I also bought a couple of wristbands for the days where they need the extra heath.. and a couple of tops from HM. 

It's been a long while since I actually enjoyed shopping.. I have only been buying stuff for the baby or hubby.. So I really needed this.. 

Anywho.. Sorry for blabing! And thanks for always being there! 


Motivation ...

Who needs thinspo when all you need to do is to hit your local gym... I am officially the biggest and fattest here... This is the kick I needed ...

This is how the locker-room looks btw.. Pretty place.. Except from my flab making it less pretty



I made this post from my cell that is still on "publishing" and it doesn't seem to complete.. So I thought I'd make another post..

I was at the gym today.. And I felt really out of place.. I mean.. Who needs thinspo when you have a gym like mine??

I feel horrid..
And this might sound weird to you but I was looking at the mirror and watching the little barbie dolls walk around and I saw my self for what I am..

Not fat.. But HUGE..

And trust me .. This is not my brain playing with me.. It is a fact..
I guess this was the kick in the butt I needed..

I have a mealplan - a gym goal - and I am sticking to it..

No more cheats..
No more giving up..

I will not be the fattest girl at anywhere anymore...



Going to join this gym that is 15 mins walk away from out house tomorrow.. and my goal is to go there 3 times a week and the first thing I want to do is to get started on the C25K on the mill! Weather isn't getting better and if I am to do this thing - this is my only option! I talked to hubby about it - and as this extra push my BFF asked me to send her a picture from me being at the gym 3 times a week!

So this is a good thing! I have been pretty sick the last few days - must be something in the weather, so I never really went through with the shake thing more than a couple of days.. But yeah.. Tomorrow is a new day and I am looking forward to yet another start.