Ladies! I AM DONE!
Got my license today!! I had to do my practical test again today (I failed last week, since my son was vomiting all night and I barely got 3 hours of sleep) but I am finally done!!

Finally a goal has been reached this year... First time in years I actually set a goal and reach it!


Thursday next week at 3PM... That's when I have an appointment with a shrink.. A new one..
I called today, crashing. They took me in as an "urgent matter" case, and this was the first available session..

Anywho.. I will make a proper post later...



Things have been very hectic.. As I mentioned my son started kindergarten almost two weeks ago.. It's been going well. He likes it there and plays well with the other kids..  He has however developed a HUGE case of separation anxiety.. It's worst with me.. When we are together he doesn't want me to put him down, or go away from me.. It was so bad that he would start screaming as soon as I went through a door.. Any door..
We think he is smart enough to understand that going through doors means we are going away from the place he is at, but he is still so young (he turns 14 months next week) that he doesn't understand that we will be back shortly.. 

Since this weekend was my last weekend at home before I go back to work I kept him with me this Friday, and we have been on top of each other the whole weekend, and his anxiety seems to be much better. It breaks my heart to see my baby in in so much stress and so upset.. And I wish I could stayed home with him for few more months.. It's insane how fast time goes by.. Here is a picture of him from a few weeks ago.. He is getting big, isn't he? :) 

edit: remove picture

As you also might remember I have been talking about getting my drivings license.. I have my theory test this Tuesday, and the practical drivers test this Wednesday.. I am not worried about the practical test, but I am a tad worried about the theory part.. I am going to be studying when ever I can until then. So hopefully by end of this Wednesday I have my license! Keep them crossed for me ladies.. I know I need it lol ^^

As far as weight and diet goes, I haven't really been doing anything special.. I have lost around 4lbs.. I am going to get back on the LCHF diet after my practical test is done. I don't want to risk to have the "keto flu" while I have so much to think about. And my plan is (as I have probably mentioned before) to keep at it until end of March, and then take it from there. I am also hoping to be able to get to the gym in the evenings (after my son goes to bed) when I finally get my license. The weather here has been pretty insane, and with my fibromyalgi I can't really be out and about in this wind. So yeah, I really really hope to get my license this Wednesday.. 

And to top everything I am going back to work tomorrow.. I really am not looking forward to it.. I made this deal with my team leader, which lets me work 62.5% (aka 8am - 1pm, working through lunch). So now I can pick my son up a tad earlier from kindergarten. So my days will be get up around 6.. Out of the house around 7.. Work 8 to 1.. Pick up my son around 2... When we get home, it's snack  time, bath/play time.. Dinner time.. My hubby will get home sometime after 5pm and then it's bedtime for the kid.. lol I get tired just typing it... 

Anywho.. This is it for me for now... Hope you ladies are having a great weekend.. 



So... I am so unstable it's not even funny anymore..
I was sobbing for so long last night that half of my pillow was too wet to sleep on...

There are so many changes happening now a days, like my son starting kindergarten and I am just not ready for it.
My weight is sky high..
The weather here is being just horrible.. The wind is so strong and the pain of it is killing me..
I am having a pregnancy scare.. I shouldn't be pregnant.. But I am 3 days late.. It could be all the stress..

I feel like I am a ticking bomb, unstable and just ready to blow up.. Ugh.. I hate this.. One minute I am laughing over your "sperm water" comments, the other I am sobbing cause of some random thing..

Anywho.. Another day tomorrow.. Another day to try to get it all work..

I am going to try Nasimiyu's plan .. Her plan is :
- Green smoothie for breakfast
- Sandwich for lunch
- Green smoothie for snack (I will probably replace this with fruit/veg or even a quest/protein bar)
- Low carb dinner of some sort

I'm gonna get to bed really early today.. It's been a hard, emotional, and way too long day....


I HATE natural plain coconut water.. It looks and tastes like sperm.. Ugh...

How can something so horrible come from something so wonderful like coconut?? Ugh.....
Costing almost 5 dollars a cup it is just not worth it... Ugh.. I feel sick remembering the taste...


My mom is going back tomorrow and I can not wait to get on with my plan.. I have a great feeling about this and I think I will do much better this time, and hopefully will keep at it and turn it into a lifestyle instead of a diet!