Been a while!

I know I have rarely been on blogger.. I do miss you guys, and I do check in to get updated on your blogs (even though I am kind of behind)..

I have been busy, and I am glad to say that it has been really good! My new therapist was probably just what I needed.. She and I clicked, and my whole state of mind has changed a whole lot. I actually have my last session with her this Thursday.. And I have been off my anti-deps for 2-3 months now.

I did gain almost all of the baby weight back again but I really don't care right now. I am improving, and the weight is coming off. I got me this LCHF/nutritionist who made me see all the mistakes I was making on keto and ever since things have been good.

I have so much energy, and it helps keeping my mood steady. I have also started working out. I am only using the elliptical I bought before I got pregnant, but I have gone from barely being able to do a couple of mins, to do 3 full intervals (about 20-24 mins) and I couldn't be prouder of my self :) And ladies get this: My body fat percent has gone from around 59% to 47%!!!

I also turned 33 around 3 weeks ago :) Seems like I am finally getting hang of this.. you know.. Life.. in my 30's :)

Anyways I just wanted to check-in and say that I am still alive..