Been a while..

Hey guys..

It's been ages.. I still lurk around, and read your blogs..
2017 is coming to an end, and I thought I should pop in and give you an update.

At the end of 2016 I made the decision of contacting my doctor and ask for help with my weight, if I hadn't manage to lose and keep off 10 kg (20 lbs) ..

Needless to say I didn't..

Being on and off diets, specially diets like keto, I kept yoyoing so much, and by fall 2016 I had reached my highest weight ever.. I was up to 126 kg / 278 lbs and I hated every moment of it..

I met my doctor mid January and I had a good long talk with him.. I finally got the help I needed and restarted my weight-loss journey.

Today I weigh 74 kg /163 lbs.. Which means during this year I have lost 52 kg/ 115 lbs .. I still want to lose some more.. my goal is to maintain around 55-58 kg / 120-127 lbs.. build some strength and just live..

Here is a photo I took on my way to work, that shows how far I have come this year.

For the first time in my life, the end seems near, and my goal achievable..

Lots of love from me!



More fasting!

So I ended my last fast on Friday, and took a little time feeding.
I had my last meal last night, and now I am back at it.

During the last fast I lost 9 lbs, I have gained 1lbs after the "feeding" time. So all in all it was a 8lbs lost for 4 days!!!!

This week I am due to have my period so I might not be able to stay at it as long as I want - but there is always hope. I will make sure to update on how it goes, and how long I stay with it!



@K ! 

Fast is still going on.. I have been having coffee and water, tonight I am feeling a tad hungry, but I am planning on keeping it it. :) 

I hit 3 days around 5 PM today 


So I have consumed less about 800 calories since Sunday night, where about like 700 of it was from my dinner on Monday..

Not feeling hungry at all.. I think I might just keep going..


Been a while!

I know I have rarely been on blogger.. I do miss you guys, and I do check in to get updated on your blogs (even though I am kind of behind)..

I have been busy, and I am glad to say that it has been really good! My new therapist was probably just what I needed.. She and I clicked, and my whole state of mind has changed a whole lot. I actually have my last session with her this Thursday.. And I have been off my anti-deps for 2-3 months now.

I did gain almost all of the baby weight back again but I really don't care right now. I am improving, and the weight is coming off. I got me this LCHF/nutritionist who made me see all the mistakes I was making on keto and ever since things have been good.

I have so much energy, and it helps keeping my mood steady. I have also started working out. I am only using the elliptical I bought before I got pregnant, but I have gone from barely being able to do a couple of mins, to do 3 full intervals (about 20-24 mins) and I couldn't be prouder of my self :) And ladies get this: My body fat percent has gone from around 59% to 47%!!!

I also turned 33 around 3 weeks ago :) Seems like I am finally getting hang of this.. you know.. Life.. in my 30's :)

Anyways I just wanted to check-in and say that I am still alive..



I'm still alive..
Life has been busy.. But I am here.. I do read blogs, and I do try to comment but I have always been suckey at that and you know it..

I am however way more often on Instagram.. If you want to feel free to follow me there (it is mostly food pics lol) - anywho, my username there is sheslosingit82


I have gained tons of weight, a wooping 11lbs, but I am back on track and am working it off again.. I'm also seeing a new therapist again cause my depression was taking over my life.. again... 


Our home! (Finally some pictures)

So we have been living in our new home for.. hmm.. 6 months ish?? - And I know I promised I would post pictures, and I have been waiting for the right moment to take them, but lets face it, with 2 kids under the age of 3 our house is just a huge playground. It is messy, full of toys but it is our home. I still haven't had the time to put up pictures ect, but here it goes :)

So first ... This is how the place looked like when we bought it:

This is our home now:

The view from one of our windows, you see the bridge? It's the one that connects Sweden to Denmark :) 

Living room!


Guest WC!



My oldest's bedroom!

Baby's room!

Our bedroom!


So as you see we redid everything :) I am not happy with the woodwork, they did a really bad job on the door-frames, and the wood floor in the hallway and the kitchen.. But it is what it is.
I still have to hang up pictures, and we haven't done much to the balcony ex. from fixing the floors.. We are planning on buying a love seat to have out there.

I haven't decorated the baby's room either.. As you saw his COT is still in our room, so he sleeps with us. I will move him to his own room around end of next month, so for now, his room is just more like a changing/storage room.

The walk in closet in the hallway was such a huge mess that I spared you the picture of it ^^

I really do like our home, I wish the woodwork had been proper, and the bathroom is really really small, but other than that we like it and it is going to be our home for the next 2-4 years.