Oh boy, oh boy!

Seems like we are having another boy :) I was sure this one was a girl since the pregnancy is one from hell, but the ultra sound doesn't lie lol

I just want to say that I am so sorry for being so much awol and so sucky reading/commenting. Between all the puking, insane pain in the joints and the hip and the renovation drama I am using every moment not spend on those sleeping.

I am doing very well with my weight - lost around 12 lbs and it is keeping steady so that is all good.

I promise I will do my best to post more.


My bff's 2 year old daughter was just diagnosed with brain cancer..
She is to have chemo every week for next 6 months, and then ever other, ever second week for next 1,5 year..They also discovered that she has a genetic illness called NF1 which means she could be having the chemo on and off for years..

And all off this.. It is making me so angry... So angry that this little wonderful beautiful baby girl has to go through all of this.. Lose her pretty curls... Be in pain.. While there are people like my sister who refuse to go to rehab to get rid of her addiction..

I know that addictions and ED's are not easily treated... But after this... I just do not understand why people don't want to get help when they have the option of getting help and becoming healthy..

This little girl has no option...

So if you are reading this.. And you have an ED... Or any other disorder - and have the option of getting help... GO GET HELP and try to get healthy..  Do not waste your life chasing a number, cause there are people, babies.. Who do not have the option of being healthy..

And please keep our little princess in your prayers..


It's so important to remember who your family is..
Family is NOT the one you are labeled with..
Family is the ones who are loyal to you.. Who actually bother to wonder how you are, regardless of how much their own life sucks..
Family is not the people who keep pushing you into giving, and giving but who never give anything back.. The ones who are just full of words and never act anything close to the words they speak..

My family is my son.. My husband.. My soon to come baby..
My family is the friend who has a kid in hospital but still tries to sooth me when I worry...
My family is my husbands grandmother who pulls me aside and tells me not to worry, cause when it's time for me to go to labor she will be there to make sure my son is taken care of - canceling her vacations just to not miss it..

So fuck the ones who are forcing words like "sister" on you.. Fuck them..