Been a while...

I have been wanting to make a post for a while but I have either been distracted having to do something, or too tired to post.. Buuuuut here it goes :)

Where to start...

I guess we can start with the therapy.. It is actually going better.. One week she wanted me to write down what I have been doing for a whole week and rate my actions 1 being me feeling horrid 10 being me feeling amazing.. The week after she asked me to think over what my week had looked like, and what I wish a perfect week would look like. And it actually made me sit down and think about how I wanted things to be. My husband and I talked about it, and we are trying to take small steps towards the "perfect week". Being able to think about it and agree that we would like our weeks look that way has been bringing us closer.

And last week, well last week we opened the "mother load" lol.. Aka we talked about my relationship with mother.. How she has been to me through the years.. We didn't really get to go into it expect from me talking about our background, but it felt soooo good to see the shrinks face when I was talking about her.. She was completely shocked, and she was nodding and shaking her head... That alone makes me really realize that our problems isn't only in my head.. We have couple of more sessions planned and then we are supposed to evaluate if I need to keep seeing her, and if I get my way we will keep at it.

My allover mood is much better.. I haven't had more than one or two episodes where I have felt really down the last weeks, and I can not remember the last time I felt this ok.. Things aren't normal, but things are OK, and it is easy to see how it is also affecting our family dynamic. We are all more relaxed, and generally happier.

As far as work and my sick leave, I have been working half days, and it is actually working fine. Today I was approached by the manager of another team in our company, about starting to do some project for her dep. and I have been wanting to work in that dep. ever since I started working for that company. So I am really looking forward to that. I am also going to have a talk to my manager on either Monday or Thursday about a raise. And this means I can push them a little further. And more money would really help right now..
I am supposed to meet this person about my leave (she works for place that pays out the money while you are on the leave). I am not looking forward to it.. I just don't want to talk to some random person about the reason why I am on the leave... Ugh...

Anywho... The reason why money would help is because we are looking into moving into a house. We are going to look at one this Sunday, and it is the first place I have seen in ages that would actually fit us, and which we could afford... I really hope the house is as good as it looks in the picture, and that there wont be a whole bunch of people bidding over what we can afford... So keep them crossed ladies.. !

As far as my weight goes, it has been going up and down, and I haven't been really watching my eats, until a week ago. I have started the low carb high fat diet again, and I am going to stay at it for now. I am down 5lbs and am looking forward to lose more.

I guess that is it for now :) Have a great weekend ladies.



Happy Nowruz!

Count down to Persian new years! So in 8 mins.. We will all have a new start... 

Happy Nowruz (which means new day) ladies... 


It's been a while since I have posted a proper post, so I figured it was about time I did that. 
I have been working on and off everyday (we have had some horrible flu sessions) - and ever since my last appointment with my doctor I have been working half days. I had another doctors appointment and they renewed my sick leave, so I will work half days until first week of May, and I really really hope I will be able to get some more sick leave after that. It's been so great to have my husband take out daddy hours, so he can get our son from day care. I finally feel like I have had a chance to breath.. Having him around the house has been good.. I don't feel like a single parent anymore and it's been doing wonders for my mood. 

I have also been taking my meds everyday now for the last two weeks, and I don't have the insane moodswings anymore. Yesterday my husband said that he noticed a change in my mood, and that I wasn't angry with him all the time anymore.. I am not sure if it is the pills, or that fact that I am not as stressed anymore, or even that we have had better weather and we have had some sun lately.. But I am really glad that something is working. Everything is not fine, but not always being on the edge is making things easier to handle. The side affects of the pills are also getting better.. I don't feel as sick anymore, and I don't have the insane headaches.. I am however really tired, and been going to bed early almost every night.. 

I am also eating less cause I don't have the insane emotional cravings.. I haven't really lost that much of weight though. But I guess it's because I am still eating more than I should.. 100-200 grams here and there doesn't really count. So yeah I really need to get a grip soon.... 

I have also started my therapy again, I had the first session today, and I am going to see her every week for the next 5 weeks, and we are going to take it from there. She had me write this journal over how my days were, and today we talked about what I was missing.. And this week, I am supposed to write another journal and write down how a perfect week would look like for me. It really gets you thinking doesn't it?? 

We are also taking a mini trip to Norway this week.. We are to leave early Thursday morning, and will get back Sunday around midnight.. We are going to stay at my bff's and I am really looking forward to have some girl time with her.. I really wish we could afford to move back to Oslo.. But it really would be such a huge setback for us, that I am not sure if it's worth it... *sigh*

I guess I didn't that much to say anyways lol ... 
Take care ladies :) 



The rules of normal eating!I

I just ordered this book to my kindle.. I have a book I am going to finish and then I am going to read this one.. Any has read it ?
One of the times I feel most lonely is when I am sitting in a coffee shop alone.. I miss having friends and a proper social life here so much... 

Why is this so hard??? Ugh... 


Yesterday, hubby wanted pizza for dinner. So we got a large pizza, and guess what??

I only had two slices!!!!!!!

I have never ever managed to say no to more pizza...