No excuses June!

Who is up for joining me for No excuses June?

You define your own goals.. But the idea is to reach personal goals without making excuses. If we reach or not reach our goals, we can look back at the month of June and see what we did wrong/right..

If there is any interest I thought of making a page so we can gather our goals and talk about how it is going..

Any takers?



I have noticed that every time I have my period... Specially if I am late and then get it that my depression is really bad...

Does anyone else has the same problem?


Live in the moment...

It's mothers day in Sweden... It's my second year as a mother... Trying to live in the moment.. 

Thank you ladies for always being there for me..




2 days... 2 fucking days on eating big breakfast, eating clean and portion reduced and I am fucking 2,5 kg up!!! How the fuck is it possible?? I am so bloated that laying down I look like as I did when I was 7 months pregnant...

Fuck this shit... I can live without the fruits if it means that I go back to not being bloated and feeling tired and shitty all the time..

I am going back on the strict LCHF first ting tomorrow.. This just is not worth it... I just can not deal with all the fucking food issues anymore... I am so fed up - So fucking pissed...

And just done....

Rant over!


Changing up the diet..

I'm still coughing like I am going to die.. I actually think I might have bruised couple of my ribs cause it really hurts when I even brush my hand over that area.. Hubby did a Google search and apparently it can happen :s If it still hurts the way it was yesterday I think I should see a doc just to make sure nothing is off.. Anyways..

I haven't as I mentioned on my post doing LCHF since I got sick, and the more I think about it, I don't think I want to go back to the strict LCHF. I miss having fruits and more varied selection of veg. I will still do low carb, avoid sugar, wheat, and refined carbs, as much as possible, letting most of my carbs come from fruit and veg.

Hopping on and off LCHF has also thought me to chose clean products, instead of all the low fat stuff I used to buy. I look at what they contain and try to choose products with the shortest list possible.  I also eat 90% of my food from small plates now. It is starting to make sense now.. I have always heard and our mind looks at food and how much it is on a plate, using smaller plate makes it look more and even though you eat the same amount of food, having it on a small plate makes it look like you are eating so much more.. Who knew it works??

Remember back in September last year with I had the talk to the nutritionist and she told me I need to start eating more in the mornings? I think I am going to give that a try.. For real.. Letting breakfast being my largest meal hasn't been something I have really ever tried. Not unless it has been hungover pizza the day after a night out, and even that hasn't happen in AGES.

I dropped the idea as soon as she spoke of it back then, but I guess if the plate thing is working, why shouldn't I give the breakfast thing a go??

Anywho.. Lets see how this round goes.. It can't get any worst that it has now has it?? (Oh dear God, please don't let me jinx this too!) ..


I'm so sick I feel like I'm gonna die... I have been coughing so much that my chest and tummy ache when I breath... I did so well on keto until Friday afternoon when the worst of the fever kicked in.. All I have been craving is my grams chicken soup and it has potatoes and rice ect in it.. Not to mention the amount of sugar there is in those coughing mints..

I feel just all together miserable.. It is pretty safe to say I wont be getting my reward on Monday..

I feel bloated.. I feel just icky , yucky and the rest of the 7 eow dwarfs...

It will be yet another restart as soon as I feel better.. (hopefully by tomorrow cause I don't know how much longer I can take of this coughing..)


Keto, WL and rewards...

I started this post yesterday but I never got to actually finishing it up and publish it... So here it goes!

I have had a really rough night... Have been having horrible "dreams" and I am just.. Well.. I am begging God to give me this button where I could just turn off my brain..

I am staying off work today.. I just can not handle people.. Not right away anyways.. But if I can get a hold of my brain later today we are going to have a look at this place... It has 4 bedrooms - a nice open kitchen (I prefer them with a proper wall and door but this one looks nice).. A good size laundry room where I think it should be possible to get in a shower cabinet - a good bathroom, and just big enough outside area... Which is pretty private and looks nice :).. Oh and a walk-in closet with an actual window! How often do you see that? - Anyways the broker working on it is a proper asshole.. He is rude and unprofessional... Hopefully the place is as good as the pictures so it's worth the hassle and having to deal with the broker is worth it..

I have also had a bad day on keto.. And I have been thinking (specially after day 11 on the challenge) that a reward system should be good to have in-place.

It's Monday morning, and a great day to restart and have another chance of making it right.. So this is what I am putting up for now..

If I stay true to my diet, and don't give into anything else but keto until next Monday, I am going to order my self a new phone. Mine is starting to die after all the times my son has been "playing" with it, and lost it on the floor.. And I saw that if I order the new Iphone5s (I want it in gold) I will also get a Fitbit Flex since they have a campaign going on.
If I stick to the plan for another week, I am going to get a Scholl foot file. I have read a bunch of good review about it and I can not wait to try it, specially before summer.
After two weeks I am going to put up more rewards but I am going to set those up after weight goals.

Today things are a tad different.. The house I mentioned wasn't the one for us.. Lets just say it looked better on pictures than real life.. We looked at another today and we would have to spend around 1000000Sek on it to make it live-able... So we are not sure if we want to bother/risk it... So I guess we will see...

Other than that I am doing good on my diet. It is so much easier to stick to it when I am at work and busy.. So things are looking good so far :)

That's it for now ladies!



100 day keto challenge pt 2

I will make a page for it here so it is easier to just click on the tab and hop on the page if anyone else would like to join us :)

PS: if anyone has instagram I would love to have you guys there, mine is mostly food related cause I use it to post meals on "my eats" tab .. Anywho.. my instagram name is : sheislosingit82


She's alive!

I am the suckiest blogger! I just have been sucking in so many ways that I just haven't been wanting to admit it to my self...

Anyways, here is an update of how things have been since my last post..

The shrink I have been seeing has been on her holiday so I haven't seen her for a few weeks.. It has been a battle, and I am looking forward to have her back.. Unfortunately there is still a couple of weeks before I have my next appointment. So I am trying to stay as positive as possible and just wait for her to get back..

I also had a follow up with my doctor, and she had gotten the results of my blood-work back.. I had dangerously low levels of D- vitamin, and my iron levels were on the edge of also being dangerously low.. This explains why I have been so freaking tired.. I have been going to bed around 8 and never feeling fully rested regardless of the amount of sleep I have been getting.. I have also been more moody than usual (my mood has been pretty steady since I started the anti depression meds).. Anywho.. I started on the supplements today and she told I should be feeling much better in a couple of days.. She also prolonged my sick leave until end of July, which means I will keep working 50% until then. We also talked about reducing my anti depression pills to the lowest dose in June.. They don't seem to have that much of affect without the therapy, and we want to try to see if I can skip the pills all together when I get back on with my session again..

This probably doesn't make sense for those of you not living in Sweden, but this also means we can wait longer with trying to get pregnant, cause as long as I am on my sick-leave they can not reduce the amount of money I will get paid when I go on my mommy leave next time around.. If I wasn't on a sick-leave I would have to get pregnant by august to protect my mommy leave income - but now we don't have that pressure on us.. Well on me.. Cause even though I do want another kid, I am not ready for it yet. We have talked about it.. And we have decided to try for another baby somewhere around end of fall... Which would mean another baby by end of 2015..

I also got informed that I will be leaving a day earlier for our company trip in September. Me and some of my co-workers are supposed to be there and prep the tech stuff so we are ready when the rest of them arrive the day after.. Which means an extra evening in the sun! I am really looking forward to that.. It will be the first time I am away from my son since he was born, but the idea of the sun is just too tempting to pass!
I remade my chart, to wipe away the failed couple of weeks I have had behind me, and to extend it to last until around the time I am leaving for the company trip- which will be end of September..

My main goal is to lose weight (as always), but since numbers can sometimes not be what we want them to be, if I manage to shop at a "normal store" I will be happy with the results.. My plan is to follow LCHF diet, but to practice proper portion control. I keep failing with my portions and one way or another I have to get a grip and start learning how much to eat.. I will be using myfitnesspal more and if any of you has a account there and aren't my MFP friend, feel free to add me.. My username is Sheislosingit82.. Do leave me a msg saying who you are, cause there are a whole lot of weirdos who keep adding you and I really don't want a bunch of random friends there..

We are still looking after a new place, but we are taking our time until we find the perfect home. I will make sure to post a link if/when we find something :)

I guess that's it for now ladies!