I pledge to be skinny enough to wear shorts next summer without hating every inch of my self...

IF you were to choose ONE thing you want to do by next summer, what will it be?


  1. Good luck! Emphasis on the not hating yourself, not on the be skinny.
    My goal would probably be similar, but maybe instead change it to be skinny because I haven't binged all year. My, wouldn't that be magical.

  2. Good luck. I'd love to be able to go to the beach. I live just minutes away from a great beach but I haven't been in... gosh, at least 5 or 6 years because of my anxiety/agoraphobia. I don't even want to wear a bikini or go swimming, just to go for a walk and see the beach and the ocean. I can dream!

  3. I would love to have a nice "fit" looking muscular back/upper body. My skin is jacked up which severely affects my body image for thighs, belly, and butt, but I should be able to have a nice back, and what I want right now is to be strong again. So yeah, to have a nice back would be my goal.

  4. I'd like to fit into the clothes I took to Jamaica summer of 2011.

  5. ugh!! fit back into my little skinny jeans. : (
    you can do it!!!

  6. I pledge to be skinny enough to wear shorts next summer as well. :P But I won't actually wear them... I've got scars and stretchmarks all over them and I'm too self-conscious to ever expose my thighs :(. I even wear biking shorts (knee length) over my one-piece swimsuit on the rare occasion I go to the beach.

  7. Hi! I saw you started following me : ) Thanks!
    I'll follow back seeing as how were both trying to lose weight & maybe we can be of some motivation to each other!

    My pledge:
    I'm going to choose 2 ; ) one food related and one not
    I pledge to lose weight to a healthy BMI by next summer, who cares if i'm "skinny" I just want to feel healthy and confident in my own skin.
    I also pledge to work really hard and get a nurse externship by next summer.