Our vacation is soon over. And I am OK with that.. My son needs the time in daycare to run and play with his friends.. We go out everyday, most days before and after his mid-day nap, but it's easy to see that he misses his friends. 

My bff, her hubby and kids stayed with us for 5 days last week, and even though I loved having her here, it was really though.. She and I have really different outlook on parenting, where I believe in rutines and nutrition - she is more.. Well the kids were up to all hours, and they barely ate a proper meal. She would bring out pancakes while they were eating lunch and then to say "you can't have it before you finish up" and I just never got why.. She said "it is my way to let them know something good is waiting for them if they finish up".. but really?? what kid wants to eat noodles when they have yummy pancakes sitting right there in their face?? - And of course it would end up in A LOT of screaming, discussion and crying, and the kids ending up having more of the pancakes/chocolate/cookies/ice cream instead of the real food.. 

I might be a tad overprotective but no matter how I turn and twist I just don't understand their way of thinking.. My son that is 18 months old, ate more proper meals and waaaay less snacks compared to her 4 year old.. (still she would mock me for giving my kid freshly made juice instead of sugary chocolate milk).. Anywho... 

I had my first appointment with the midwife, I will go back in mid September and I have my first ultrasound 6th of October. I must admit I am really nervous about having another kid. I just hope he/she is healthy.. 

Pregnancy so far has been OK.. I am sick.. often.. but nothing compared to the last time.. I am really really really tired and my boobs hurt like an elephant has been sitting on them for hours.. My sense of smell is off the charts.. I have always been sensitive to smells but this is just insane.. ugh.. And it being hot means there is a whole lot of stinky sweaty people out there.. Srsly people.. Shower and use a freaking deo.. I do not understand that they can smell how badly they reek.. ugh.... 

Thing is flying by and the blog-sphere is pretty silent.. I wonder where everyone is and how you are doing.. 



  1. Det är inte så konstigt att barn idag mår dåligt med tanke på hur mycket socker och färgämnen de får i sig :(

  2. "I see someone who has battled with her body and who has survived.." With all my heart, thank you, Kitty. You have no idea how much it means to have you say that.

    It has been very quiet.. I almost feel like I am sitting in an empty room talking to myself when I blog :/ I think chocolate milk and juice both have pros and cons... Milk has protein and calcium, fruit has lots of vitamins... But the meal time bribery sounds so weird to me... Like teaching the kids real food is not worth eating. Also if you add a "treat" at the end of finishing regular food I'm afraid it would encourage eating past fullness on a regular basis, which we both no is not a good choice. I dunno. It's easy for me to have opinions - I don't have kids ;)

    Glad to hear from you, always.

  3. Hi Kitty,

    You are right
    It is very quiet
    Maybe because it is summer and people are busy doing things that normal people do
    A lot of people have stopped blogging too
    My stats have dropped in the last few weeks
    I hope it picks up again soon

    Glad your pregnancy is going well

    Take care of you x

  4. Doesn't sound overprotective to me :) sounds like you're just a good mum! Boo for pregnancy sickness, but glad it is going well nonetheless! You're already an awesome mum so the second one will be OK. you will be great! Love you!

  5. I think you're much more on the ball with the kids' nutrition than your friend. Balance is so important, even if it can be hard to find, you're doing a great job. I think a lot of the time unbalanced eating at a child backfires later in life. Like, my ex was raised completely on health foods and organic whatever, and he became a junk food freak once he moved out. I'll always be thankful that I think my mum raised me with a perfect sense of balance and moderation.

    I'm glad to hear you're doing okay. Try to take care as best you can <3 xx

  6. Glad the pregnancy is going okay. Sounds like your friend is raising little monsters!! Glad you got to see your bff. Having guests in the house is always taxing.