I'm still alive..
Life has been busy.. But I am here.. I do read blogs, and I do try to comment but I have always been suckey at that and you know it..

I am however way more often on Instagram.. If you want to feel free to follow me there (it is mostly food pics lol) - anywho, my username there is sheslosingit82


I have gained tons of weight, a wooping 11lbs, but I am back on track and am working it off again.. I'm also seeing a new therapist again cause my depression was taking over my life.. again... 


  1. 11lbs is not that much really! And at least you're trying to beat your depression :) It doesn't matter how many times you have to try; as long as you never give into it.

    Best of luck with everything <3

  2. Good to know you're still alive ;)

    I feel so out of the loop, not having instagram or tumblr or anything... I use blogger, and barely use Facebook, but that's it.

    I hope the new therapist is helping. Certainly don't stress yourself more with blogging and commenting - it sounds like you've got enough on your plate as it is.
    I'll be keeping you in my thoughts <3


  3. i love you and i miss you tonnes, Cupid!

    i need to do a fair stalk of your Ig one of these days. i'm sorry about things being hard for you right now. i did tell you once that i've read your blog from top to bottom and i knew that how terrible it could be.

    keep your head held high, love. you've got two wonderful lovely babies.

    Lolly Lolita is right. 11lbs isn't much. that's not important. what's important is that you're alright.

    -Sam Lupin

  4. I love you loads! It's nice to read this quick note from you! I should be better at emailing, I'm sorry :( But I'm glad you are seeing a new therapist and I hope they are useful to you! xx

  5. Jag lade just till dig på Instagram, jag är whitefresia. Jag har inte lagt upp en enda bild, jag bara följer folk :)