More fasting!

So I ended my last fast on Friday, and took a little time feeding.
I had my last meal last night, and now I am back at it.

During the last fast I lost 9 lbs, I have gained 1lbs after the "feeding" time. So all in all it was a 8lbs lost for 4 days!!!!

This week I am due to have my period so I might not be able to stay at it as long as I want - but there is always hope. I will make sure to update on how it goes, and how long I stay with it!



  1. hey, sweetheart,

    i love you. i hope you're doing well and that the boys are well. i hope that you've had a bit more since you don't seem to have had much!

    i'm keeping my fingers crossed and wishing you so so much.

    you are so special. i'd love to hear from you soon again! whenever you've the time, miss xxx

    -Sam Lupin

  2. it's so lovely to hear from you again! i've kind of left both the Ig and MFP maps, but i do miss you greatly. :) i've had a long into MFP just a bit ago to check on old measurements data and felt nostalgic seeing your username.

    you are very well missed here in the blogsphere. and my heart warms whenever i see you going along, trudging about! you're in my thoughts :)

    i can only wish the absolute best for you.

    i'm so glad to know the boys are doing well! take loads of pictures because before you know it, they're going to get married xxx something i noticed with the little ones about rn! i've a tonne of cousins and it feels like every time i blink my eyes they've grown a few yeas, a few inches and it seems like just yesterday they just learned to walk!

    i have my fingers crossed for you. xxx you're brilliant. absolutely brilliant.

    -Sam Lupin