Remember the pap smear I had and they told me I had to remove some stuff?? I still haven't gotten the freaking appointment... I called the hospital and they told me I probably wouldn't get an appointment this month either.... Anyways, I am going to see the midwife who took the test and see if she can push up the appointment.. I really hope to be able to have it done during this month, but I highly doubt it :s

I have also made an appointment to see doctor hunk next Wednesday.. I am going to talk to him about the fibromyalgia, see if there is any new treatments out there, and I am going to see if I can get any help with my weight.. This friend of mine who lives in Greek was introduced to this diet from her doctor and she has lost around 90lbs the last year.. Who knows, maybe there is something he recommends that will work for me... 

Anyways.. That's it for now... 



  1. It takes so long to get an appointment these days, doesn't it? Quite ridiculous.

  2. I hope you are able to get an appointment as soon a possible, waiting must be driving you mad! Good luck.