You need to eat more!

WTF right?? I'll get to the header soon...

I haven't been on lately.. And I am really behind on reading blogs.. I have been reading a post here or there, but I promise I will get on it asap...

Things have been so busy.. We have been pretty much sick since my birthday.. First week it was the cold, ever since my son has had tummy flu... This mean there has been an insane amount of poo... I am not joking.. I have been cleaning up poo like 10 times a day, and that's when hubby comes home and takes over.. Poor kid.. It's due to him teething but yeah.. Enough with the poo already... :s On the cute note, he started saying mamma for real yesterday.. He is too cute :) (and hubby is so jealous ^^)...

I have also had to get a vaccine.. Wikipedia tells me it's called Rubella in English.. I have been vaccinated for it when I was little, but while I was pregnant I was told I needed to "refill" the dose.. So I have been all icky and tired because of that on top of everything..

Talking about the vaccine.. I had my appointment with doctor hunk... He looks better in the picture than in real life.. He also had the most weird voice.. So light and well lets just say, he is one of those people who should just "shut it and look pretty" lol

I have also been calling the hospital MANY times since I still hadn't gotten my appointment (remember the pap smear with the bad results?).. After many calls I got a letter telling me I have an appointment to have the cells removed second of October.. Apparently the cells were cancerous.. So they will be "burning" off all the changed cells with a laser.. I am trying not to think about it.. They told me if everything goes as planned I will be good to go home the same day, and it will not have any affects on my getting pregnant later on..

What else..

Ah yes.. The "you need to eat more" part.. Well I finally visited a nutritionist yesterday.. She is a nurse who also works with nutrition at doctor hunks office.. I actually like her and what she said made a whole lot of sense..

Time and time again I have said I do good with my eats during the day, and then I overeat at dinner and so on.. And I have always thought that to lose weight you need to be hungry and feel the hunger ALL the time.. Now we are going to change all of that.. The plan is to have a BIG breakfast.. So a fruit + yogurt + tea/coffee + a sandwich or oatmeal or omelette.. What ever I add to the last part needs to have loads of protein... (You don't have to eat it all at once, but the idea is to have it all as breakfast).. Then it's lunch time.. The plan is to eat something like salad with loads of veg and protein.. So greens and something with protein + a complex carb of some sort.. Few hours later you are to have a snack.. And guess what. A piece of fruit doesn't count as a proper snack.. So if I am having fruit, I need to have some sort of protein on the side..
And then the dreaded dinner.. I am to have a plate, where I have 1/3 carbs, 1/3 protein and 1/3 veg...

I was told to buy a smaller plate, so yesterday I was at Ikea and bought a plate that is smaller than normal dinner plates.. I am also going to meet her again in two months, and that's when we will plan the diet in more details if needed.. So yeah.. The idea is to eat more during the day, so I eat less during dinner time and so on.. And to never get to the "I'm starving" point to prevent binges from happening.. Makes sort of sense, doesn't it?

Now that we are talking about food.. Let me tell you about this wonderful wonderful thing... So there is this service where it provides you with 5 dinners, with recipes, and they deliver almost everything you need once a week to your home.. We have ordered a trial pack from them, and if it works for us, I am going to have them deliver every week... The dinners are planned for 4 portions.. And they actually have the calories pre-calculated! I am so sick of always thinking about food and planning it - this means I have a meal less to think about! And the bright side is also that when we cook the meals, it is easy to divide it into 4, letting hubby have two, put one in the fridge for his lunch the day after, and leave one portion for my dinner..

If there isn't more food left to overeat from, then I guess I won't be overeating will I??? ... The service still leaves two dinners a week open for dinners out, and so on.. Oh did I mention the service will save us money?? At the end of the month, our food budget will go down with like couple of hundred dollars depending on what we eat during the weekends... It might not be much, but it is still plenty :) I REALLY hope it works and that the food isn't all yucky, cause I am so fucking sick of thinking about food... Planning it, thinking of it... All of it...

Other news is that my drivers license course starts tomorrow.. Tomorrow I have this class I need to attend, and I have my first driving lesson with the school next Wednesday! I am really looking forward to have the license, and the freedom it gives me.. Specially during the yucky Scandinavian winter months..

I think this should cover everything that has happened or will happen soon.. And I promise, I will get on reading the blogs soon (idea is to get on it this weekend)..



  1. The nutritionist recommendations sound very practical, and the dinner service sounds fantastic! And the sickness and poo... well they have to end eventually, right? I hope things go well for you.

  2. hi bby did you miss me
    okay i'll wait until you get to the header to comment on that xD
    omg noooooooooo that's too cute (about him saying mamma - not about him getting a stomach flu. poor kid. fuck. i want to shit as much as him - evil Sam. EVIL.)
    Rubella. huh. well, that just sucks - the vaccination for it and the effects afterwards. you've srsly had a shitty few weeks, have you not, sweetie? :( with your birthday and this and whatnot on top...that's just bloody brilliant.
    omg xD
    doctor hunk. im laughing.
    shit. what is up with your hospital system?
    it DOES make sense. for me, with the depression - it doesn't matter how hungry i get, the same amount of food fills me up. tells me something. but beforehand, when i was getting better, i had to eat regularly else i'll eat everything at night. i actually just divided eating into like every 2-3 hours. literally sometimes waiting 2 hours is hard so i just made it a 2 hour wait between everything and just ate small stuff during that time.
    that sounds amazing! that it also saves you money!!!
    i'm liking this quite a bit ^_^

    -Sam Lupin

  3. That food service sounds awesome. I'd love that. Cooking and grocery shopping is the biggest pain in my butt. I want to see a nutritionist too! Maybe I will go and figure out how to do it. The plan sounds great. I'm sure it will stop the binging. And your doctor-eek! I'd have been nervous about a cute doctor too.

  4. I read in a magazine yesterday that the fittest people eat 30 grams of protein within 30 minutes of waking up. Sounds like your plan will set you up to do that!

  5. Ah! Good luck with the driving course!! Getting my license meant so much freedom! I still remember it, not having to rely on people / public transport to go where I needed to go. Good luck with the food plan as well. I should see a nutritionist. I finally have good health insurance that will cover it.

  6. Oh, and hope baby is doing better!!!