I'm having a really hard time to follow the plan the nutritionist advised me to follow.. I don't really have much of an appetite when I wake up - and if I drink a cup of tea/coffee or something liquid, I kind of feel full for a while.. If I have a cup of tea, half a banana (I mash half for my son, so I eat the "leftover"), and a pro-bio yogurt, then I really don't have room for an omelette or sandwich as she told me to have in addition to that.. The amount of food is one thing, the other problem is that I really don't know how to fit all that food in my mornings...

My days until lunch time are pretty messy, getting breakfast ready for my son (and no it's really stressful for me to have a proper breakfast while I am feeding him) - dressing him and getting him ready for either play time, or baby song hour, or going to the park takes a while since he has reached an age that he wants to decide what we do, and getting dressed is never on his to do list... Then we spend couple of hours on those things, and before I know it it's time to feed him again, so I can put him down for a nap... Being all fussy due to him teething means I either am walking with him in the stroller, or we are driving if hubby is home for couple of hours, so he can sleep. I usually walk for a while and then grab something to eat.. I have been buying salads lately, but it is starting to get a tad expensive....

After he gets up from his naps, it's time for another feeding, and most likely a full clothing change.. Then play time - snack time... Then hubby gets home, and starts on his last meal, and gets him ready for him while I clean up and make dinner ect..

So yeah.. I am having a hard time fitting all that eating in my day.. Eating a not so healthy sandwich or grabbing a burger/toast when I'm out has been the easy way out - but I know it's not an option..

Anyways, in attempt to stay full, and to stay on track I am going to try to replace breakfast and lunch with meal replacement shakes/bars.. I have some shakes I need to drink up, and while I do that I am going to look for options with less sugar, more protein. and have fruit/yogurt for snacks..

On other news I have been doing pretty well with dinners. The delivery service works like a dream for us.. I have been adding some more veggies to their recipes since they had a whole lot of bell-pepper as sides, and hubby can't eat bell-peppers, but all in all it is working just fine for us.. The thing that surprised me the most is that the portions which are supposed to be normal sized portions are actually very filling.. I don't know why but I always thought I wouldn't feel full unless I have a huge portion, this is making me see that I do not have to have huge meals to feel full..

My weight.. I have lost like 3 lbs, but I think all the eating she wants me to do is not really helping me lose weight, so I am hoping to see it move with the new plan. I really want to get under 200lbs by the time I go back to work (I will go back to work around mid January).. That means I would have to lose around 50 lbs, and if I am to have any chance of doing it I have to stick to this plan.

Anyways ... I need to get to bed now.. Wish me luck...



  1. Just don't let yourself get too hungry! If you start to feel too hungry with just the shakes you can always make adjustments. Your days as a mom are so busy.

  2. What about hard boiled eggs for breakfast? I boil about 6 at a time and eat 1 a day in the morning sliced on a piece of toast. If you didn't have time for the toast just peel and eat the egg. Lots of protein not many calories (80 for a large egg).

  3. good luck sweetie xo
    also, i'd like to see these dinners on your eats page! ^_^ it would be quite interesting.
    also, i honestly don't know how you do it. one day in a life of yours would be an absolute nightmare for me. i hate children. i bloody hate children.
    also, a lot of people can't stomach things in the morning. don't force yourself to eat when you're not hungry. that's one thing i do believe in 100%. if all you can stomach in the morning is liquid and a bit here and there, then okay, but as long as you eat when you're hungry, then it's good enough x as far as im concerned
    when im eating 3 meals a day type thing, i always opt for normal breakfast, big lunch and small dinner. when i'm eating snacks throughout the day, then it's just a case of "oh, i'm satiated." not oh i'm full sort of thing. you've just got to find your middle ground really! nobody's plans work for everyone.
    if you had my diet, you'd hate yourself. and if i had your diet, i'd die. i have to eat in the morning. in fact, i can eat a whole Sunday roast in the morning. probably.

    also, good luck and congrats on the loss x

    -Sam Lupin

  4. Bleep! I love you! Stay motivated! Xox

  5. Just keep making small improvements each day! You don't have to change 100% overnight, but maybe you can add in something that is super easy to eat, like a hard boiled egg