I wont be doing the juice reboot... We can not afford it.. I went to the shop to buy all the veg ect and what it costs for me to be on a five day fast costs as much as what it costs for all of us to have proper good meals for a whole week..

And right now we just can not afford it... I feed us all with proper food, unprocessed (mostly) almost all the day.. Lets face it.. My problem is that I do not have any self control.. I need to get control over my eating.. My portions.. Everything.. And unless I do, no juice fast.. Nothing will help....


  1. Det är därför jag aldrig kan köra juicing eller detox, jag har helt enkelt inte råd :(

    1. Det er helt utrolig hvor dyrt det er... Jeg ble helt :S Handlet på Ica med 5% rabatt på storkjøp og selv da ville sluttpriset bli ca 700 kr for 5 dager... WTF ???

      Og den jævla kokosvannet som de vil at man skal drikke.. Bare det koster ca 30 kr per "flaske", og smaker shit... (for å ikke nevne at det ser ut som litt mer flytende sperm...... oO)

  2. If only portion control was as easy as it sounds. I am mentally preparing myself to do a very strict cleanse/detox whatever week. I have done it in the past and it feels great. Fruit, vegetables, nuts and seeds only.

  3. Where do you shop? I can get a massive bag of juicing carrots really cheap over here and I grow my own wheatgrass to add super greens. If I was doing a super cheap juice fast I could do it with just those and hit about $15 dollars a week. I usually add some kale, silverbeet, beetroot, spinach etc as desired but there's no rule that says you have to follow their juice recipes....

    Still, you're right about control but consistency over perfection is the way to go. Continually needing new perfect plans isn't the answer, just keeping on going in the right direction is. You can do this! Don't give up xxx

  4. I tried juicing and for me the hassle was with all the effort to make the juice and cleaning the juicer every day. It gets really messy with all the pulp and that was kind of discouraging. At least the blender is easier to clean when I make smoothies.