Ok... I have made this chart and I know it looks like it has been done by a 5 year old but hell ^^ I don't care :) The chart is from tomorrow and ends 29 of June. Which means it is 10 full weeks. My goals for the duration of those 10 weeks are to:

Stick to my calorie limit every day (1400 calories)
Burn 3500 calories a week doing some sort of activity
Do something that makes me feel good about my looks once a week

I'm gonna use the chart to track weight and calories burned - and I am also gonna be just like a kid and give my self a silver start on the days I stay within my calorie budget. And the days I do something that makes me feel good about my looks gets a heart. And I am looking forward to see what the chart looks like by the end of those 10 weeks. 

I am ashamed to say that as we speak my weight has reached the top of Everest and I weigh in at 119.1 kg which is 262.5 lbs.. I know the numbers are more than any of you probably imagined, but for me telling you guys how bad it all is, is a step to admitting that I have a problem that is bigger than what I have thought it is. 

My goal for the duration of the 10 weeks is to get under 100 kg, which means I need to get rid of 19.2 kg or 42.3 lbs.. For someone with the amount of weight I have to carry it should not be a hard number to achieve. 

My plan is simple.. Eat 3 meals - snacks can be fruit or vegetables.. No food after 7 pm (unless it is an special event like my husbands birthday in June). 

There will be a reward by the end of the 10 weeks if I stick and reach my goal. I have to figure out what the reward will be, so I am open for ideas. 

Anyways that is it for now.. I just want to lose weight... 


  1. Have you considered trying Duromine? Your GP would definitely prescribe it to you. Helped me lose 20kgs about two years ago.

    1. No I haven't - I hadn't heard of the med before :) I can ask my doctor when I go on my next follow up - not sure if it can be combined with my anti - dep meds. But I will check :)

    2. Yeah I think a lot of doctors are uneasy about that. It's worth asking though. I took it whilst taking Seroquel and Pristiq and was fine, but that might not be the same for everyone. Anyway, if you can get it, it's extremely effective. :)
      Also, I've been keeping up with your blog for AGES. Sorry I haven't commented earlier! Keep up the great work! :) xx

  2. What a great idea! I love it! I can't wait to see what it looks like in 10 weeks either. You're never too old for star stickers :) Maybe you could treat yourself to a new item of clothing, or haircut or spa treatment of some sort. Something to make you feel good about yourself. Good luck sweetie! xx

  3. the best charts are done by 5 year olds anyway
    oh 3500 calories a week. yikes! i honestly wouldn't think i'd be able to burn that much. teheheh.
    i use gold stars writing post-it notes. i have gold stars on in my bag. about 3 bits of them. i might steal this idea from you really. teheh. all my things are dull and electronic as if my parents ever found a chart with my calorie intake, exercise regimen, etc. i'd be so screwed.
    that's 4lbs a week. hmm. it is a tad a lot but i don't think it's undoable m'dear.
    "Eat 3 meals - snacks can be fruit or vegetables.. No food after 7 pm (unless it is an special event like my husbands birthday in June)." do remember the eating three meals thing. skipping food just tends to make me hungry, though i do realise some people can skip breakfast and not be ravenous by lunch time [i'm not one of those people].
    reward! i always go with clothes, because it just about emphasises on your successes as well as the fact that man, after 19.2kg, i'd probably want new clothes.

    -Sam Lupin

  4. I love this idea! Goood luck!!!!

    I definitely think you can do 3500 a week, because that's just 500 a day. If you feel like you can't really do C25K yet (running might be hard on your knees) try walking on the treadmill (3.0 - 3.5 miles per hour at an incline of at least 4.0. the higher the incline, the better. Incline training works wonders!)
    Love you Kitty and rooting for you all the way!!!

  5. I LOVE charts and stickers! When I'm feeling super fancy with a workout log I'll print it two-sided and put stickers on one side and what I did on the other. With the binge issues lately, I wonder if it wouldn't be wise to start a weight tracking calendar so I don't stop paying attention.

    Whatever your reward is, make it something that celebrates what you've already done, something that makes you feel good. Sometimes clothes work for me - having well-fitting clothes can help, but sometimes clothes shopping is a nightmare, and you don't always know how you will feel if you try to decide ahead of time... You could treat yourself in some other way... Some kind of beauty or body treatment like getting your hair done, new makeup or bath/body pampering stuff.