17 weeks pregnant and 12 lbs lighter...

I srsly don't get this... I am eating whatever I want, which has been a bunch of Persian food lately since that is what I have been craving..

How come when we stop thinking about diets, and what to eat, is when we actually lose weight??


  1. Hur kan man gå NER när man är gravid??

    Jag vill också kunna äta hur mycket jag vill! Tyvärr sitter ju inte min hunger i magen utan i huvudet och enligt min hjärna blir jag aldrig mätt :P

    1. Jeg har ingen aning - med min forrige graviditet veide jeg ca 1 kg mindre i slutten av graviditeten enn før. Men da gikk jeg også ned ca 10 kg de første 3 mnd fordi jeg kunne ikke få mat og drikke i meg.

      Denne gangen har jeg vært noe dårlig, men langt ifra samme som sist - så jeg forstår ikke hvordan det er mulig. Min teori er at hjernen kanskje fungerer "normalt" når jeg er gravid og faktisk registrerer metthet når jeg er mett.

  2. I just came across your blog, found you on Ruby's =) I understand the frustration with the weight aspect of pregnancy. I am 27.5 weeks and have only gained 5lbs.
    I plan on reading more of your posts and commenting. Hang in there hun.

  3. Maybe you just have a strong healthy baby that's stealing everything away from you : )

    As long as you're eating lots of healthy foods and getting enough nutrients for the baby and yourself, i'd say you're fine. Being a nursing student I've learned that all women are different during pregnancy, some gain tons of weight and some don't gain anything at all. Some even lose weight, such as yourself, but give birth to beautiful healthy babies.


  4. Hi friend. I am good. I need to write an update post soon! Lots of love!!

  5. you're too cute. i wonder what Persian food entails. i know you've mentioned it previously in posts and touched on it lightly, but damn... i still wonder.
    it's weird how different bodies do things. really. i sometimes want to get pregnant just to see how my body would respond. somehow, i imagine i'd eat far too much.
    " How come when we stop thinking about diets, and what to eat, is when we actually lose weight?? " <--truer words have never been said.

    comment reply to blog:
    "The sweet sweet control.. Routines and rules.. It rules and breaks us.. doesn't it??"
    i don't think of it as that way for some reason. it's just...it's just how things are for me. it's strange in some aspect. it's something that i just must do or else a, b, c and d will happen. and i dont want a, b, c and d to happen. i want to feel like i exist in the universe rather than live in a perpetual limbo. it's confusing in some aspect. i don't feel like i'm alive if i'm not doing a routine or a ritual or whatever. it's just how things are. how things need to be.
    i love you, sweetie. you're the bestest Cupid i ever had. <3

    -Sam Lupin

  6. Hey, whatever works, right? :P It's strange how the body works but like Kay said, it's probably just a strong healthy baby stealing your nutrients.
    Keep soldiering on <3 xx