Birthday ramblings!

Turning 32 today.. I am OK with it. My 30's have so far been easier on me than my 20's regardless of everything.
Turning a year older always makes me think about life, and everything that comes with it. And I was thinking it was about time I gave you guys an update of what's going on.

I am now 14 weeks pregnant, and I am still very very sick. Puking my guts most days and have a sore throat thanks to it. My gag reflex is out of order and seems to trigger with the smallest cough. My boobs are huger than ever, and I just read that they will get bigger.. May the lord have mercy on me cause none of my bra's fit anymore.. Not even the ones I bought after I got pregnant... *sigh* .. My nose is also always stuffed thanks to the extra blood that comes with the pregnancy.. BUT other than that I am just OK lol... I am 99.9% sure that this is and will be my last pregnancy. No matter how rewarding having a kid is, I just don't know if I want to go through all of this again. I also have a very very strong feeling that this one is going to be a little girl - which means we will have one of each, and so the human line can still survive lol .. (I have my first ultrasound in a month so will know for sure then).

Because of all the charming aspects of the pregnancy I am on full time leave from my job for another 5 weeks, and after that I will be on 50% leave until end of November. I doubt that I will go back to work full-time even after that since this pregnancy has so far been harder on my body than the last one. On the bright side, I haven't gained any weight. I am down a total of 6-7 lbs since I got pregnant, which is very good in my book. I am eating well (as much as my body allows me) and I am in general in a much better mind-frame than I was during my last pregnancy. I am still going to the shrink (even though I have skipped the last two sessions since I have been so sick) - but she has been a huge help, and I really think she is the reason why I am feeling better. She isn't really doing much, but the fact that I can vent, and have my feelings - thoughts- ect validated is helping.

As far as my doctor goes, I don't need to start looking for another one before mid October, so I am trying not to think about it. Aaannnnnd I am also going to start physical therapy which hopefully will ease the pain I have in my back and joints. As far as medicines go, I am not taking anything but a whole bunch of vitamins.. I am taking iron - D-sup and prenatal vitamins. I also just had some blood work done to see if my Folic acid and B12 levels are OK, and I am being checked to see if I am any issues with gluten. My body is not taking up the supplements as it should - so my doctor wanted to make sure it has been checked as the one last thing she did before she left. So we will see how it goes..

As far as our living situation goes, we have finally sold our current place. The new owners will take over mid November which is perfect for us. We take over the new place in 2 weeks, and that is when the work starts. And hopefully we will be done with the renovations by end of October, so we can move. We are stripping the whole place off old wall-papers - having the walls, and siling (spelling :S) fixed and painted (all though I am putting up wall-paper in the living room this time).. All the floors are going to be stripped and redone. And we are putting new floors in the kitchen and hallway. A new kitchen will be fitted - the bathroom and the extra wc will be redone. The balcony is getting new paint and floor. The walk-in closet needs to be re-designed. The old closets in the hallway will be removed, and I am not sure what to put up instead. Will be some sort of closet - just not sure what style. We also need to update the el- system, and I think that covers about it all lol... So as you see when I am not puking - I am talking to contractors, trying to find good deals - ordering stuff and so on...

This is how life has been lately.. I am so sorry I am so awol from the blog, I try to read as often as I can, but sitting behind the pc makes me ill - so I haven't done much of that. I am not really doing anything fun fun cause we can't really afford anything right now lol. We are counting every penny, and need to really watch our spending. But my bff is coming to vising this weekend for my birthday and I hope to be well enough to go out for couple of dinners with her - cause I am really tired of being cooped up.

I guess I should end this wall of text, else no one will be arsed to read it lol... I hope you ladies are all doing well.



  1. Happy Birthday! And i'm sorry you're not feeling well. But it will be worth it, right? :)

  2. Grattis! Jag minns 32, svagt ;)

    Buuu for "morning sickness" :(
    Fy tusan, att kvinnor bara orkar föda barn!

  3. Kitty!!! Happy birthday!! Sorry I'm late - work has completely taken over my life :/ I hope you had a wonderful day since you deserve it!

    Aww soz about the morning sickness but hopefully it will soon pass! Best of luck with setting up the new house, and with finding a new doctor, and with getting through morning sickness! I love you!

  4. Happy birthday Kitty! I hope you had a fabulous day. I'm sorry to hear you're still feeling so sick, but I'm still so excited for you! I've got my fingers crossed its a little girl.

    <3 xx

  5. Happy Birthday kitty! Sorry you are feeling so terrible. Pregnancy sounds just awful. It's too late now though-it's happening. You will make it!! Hope you got to do something fun for your B Day. You deserve it.

  6. sv: den här gången fick jag ett schema som jag ska gå efter när jag slutar med medicinen (jag fick prata med en jourläkare på telefonen). Jag tänker INTE göra samma misstag igen!