Weight update!

The baby is 1 week old tomorrow and I now weigh 32 lbs less than I did when I got pregnant. I am barely 2 lbs away from my first weight goal, and 12 from the second.. I don't have any rewards planned for the first goal - but I am thinking about getting a haircut when I reach the second one. 

And I am considering the new Kim Kardashian cut.. So kind of a longer layered bob.. What do you girls think? 

I haven't cut my hair in ages cause I have been trying to save the length but I am thinking a change for spring/summer would be nice. What do you guys think about that? 


  1. Eeeee, congrats! :D
    I love the hair style. I'm trying to grow mine out too. Next year or maybe the year after I'm gonna do the World's Greatest Shave and get rid of it all.

    Take care <3

  2. Aaaah! the baby came finally!! I'm so behind! Congrats Kitty!!!

    It's a cute hairstyle! I'd totes go for it!

  3. Props to you on the major weight shift! And I think the cut is lovely - go for it.

  4. a week old already?!?! oh my God. feels like he was just born yesterday (if i said this then what are you saying?)

    oh my God. 32lbs! congrats on the loss, little muffin. keep on doing what you're doing. enjoy some of your hearty Persian dishes and drink nice warming amounts of coffee - i hope the little ones aren't keeping you up too much at night!

    i think the cut looks gorgeous. i think you're also very pretty. so yes to the haircut.

    -Sam Lupin

  5. Congrats on a healthy baby and that weight just dropping off!!