Been a while..

Gosh, time flies by and I know I have been a horrid blogger...
I just haven't been able to get my self to write cause I have been so disappointed in my self. I have been going back and forth between eating "normal" and LCHF, and those combos just don't work. I have gained around 6lbs and I am not going to let it get out of hand again.

This weekend we had my bff and her family here.. It has been an emotional ride because of her daughter. She is the one with brain cancer and it has just been horrible to see the little angel become a shadow of her former self. Meal times were just a war, cause she is barely able to eat. She got a tube put in through her nose, and they are waiting for the operation to put a button through her belly so she doesn't have to go around with the tube in her nose. I could go on and on about how it was but yeah..

Anywho.. So we took the time to go out, just the two of us and we talked about, well everything. One being my frustration over not being able to decide what to do. You know like which diet to follow ect.. As you know I am one of those diet hoppers.. I keep getting on a off this and that wagon and it needs to stop..

A few years ago, my friend lost around 30kg, which is around 66lbs following a low calorie diet and add 3 days of workout to it. And she was like, you have to remember no matter what you do, it is calories in, calories out. And I think each one of you can agree to that. It doesn't matter how low carb you go, you can even go vegan.. But if you keep binge eating, you will not lose weight.

That is me you know.. Always the binge eater..

That said, I am going to start restricting my calories.. I am going to ignore macros and just focus on the calories. My goal will be 1200 - 1500 calories a day. No food is off limit.. There will be no "cheat days". Just plain counting the calories. I am just so tired of being confused over what I should be doing, so I think this is the best way to go.

I hope everyone is doing fine, and I promise to catch up on blogs asap.



  1. It sounds like you had a rough week. I hope you are feeling better, that sort of thing can leave one feeling odd. Cancer is such a cruel illness...
    It's lovely to be able to catch up with friends though.
    Take care dear.
    Mandy xx

  2. Att räkna kalorier är nog det enklaste, för då vet man liksom vad man får.

    re: du har nog rätt: jag saknar d-vitamin, så jag började ta tillskott igen.

  3. That is horrible about your friends daughter. Poor baby. That has to be so hard. Maybe once you step back and stop over thinking it that will be the thing to send you in the right direction.

  4. That's so sad about your friend's daughter... My father passed of a brain tumor, it's a particularly cruel thing to go through. Poor thing :(
    Good luck with your goals. Simple is the way to go! On top of calories in vs calories out, I think looking at overall cals sets up better long-term habits around food than diets like LCHF.