I'm sorry to be so MIA again.. Got this guy to get ready to take over my position when I go on my matirnaty leave who SUCKS!!!!!! And he is draining all my energy and time at work (not that it is giving any results.... ) ...
Between that - and the pain, I am soo tired by the time I get home.. I have been going to bed around 9 PM everyday and still feel like I have no energy..

I will make a more proper post soon.. But I wanted to check-in and say thanks for all your comments on my last post..

<3 you all


  1. Can you tell your boss that he sucks, or are you stuck with him? It seems like a bad idea to leave your job in the hands of someone who doesn't have common sense.
    And omg if you're really starting to prep hard now then you must be getting close to the due date! Squee :)