Tiny update!

So I went to the doctor yesterday and starting today I will be working 50% , which is great for me. This way I still get to meet the coworkers I like and get out of the house, and get to go home before the pain is too much.

I also talked to my manager, and I am not in charge of the tardface anymore.. I told him basicly that I didn't want to deal with him and that if they think he is worth a chance they should have someone else train him cause the stress of it all is not good for me. So they have made one of my coworkers in charge of him - and I have put him out of my mind.. I have told them what I think - they are the ones that need to follow up..

So today.. Working until lunch and having the tard away from me, has been good. I had fun with the co-workers I love and am really looking forward to the weekend.

Hope you all are having a great Friday, and I wish you a great weekend :)



  1. Good for you that you're going to work less now. More time to enjoy your life!

    Have a great weekend.

  2. How wonderful! If you have voiced your concerns and are not responsible for his actions, well, let him be their concern. You have much more important and positive things in your life to focus on. The new hours sound great as well - the best of both worlds :)

  3. I hope you are relaxing and really giving yourself some rest time, you deserve it. Can't wait to hear how you are.