I just snapped!

And left work...
I got back to work after being away for a week.. And was told that the new sucky guy was given full access to the system ect.. I tried to talk to my manager about what a mistake it was, and he was all "oh it will be fine".. And I wrote a msg telling him that I officially wanted to wash my hand off everything regarding him".. And he just loughed it off..

I just got more angry and felt my pulse going faster and faster.. So I just packed all my stuff, and gave everything (aka work laptop/phone ect) to my manger and told him I was going home.. I just couldn't deal...

I am going to call the doctor when she has her phone hours and ask for a doctors notice and take atleast another week off.. At the moment.. I just don't want to go back there.. I just don't....

I just sometimes wish I could just give a shit and ignore it all and don't even care about what it's going on there...

Yesterday I had an argument with my mother cause yet again she was being an ignorant bitch.. Today this.. I just want to hide away and don't talk to anyone for days.. And I think I just might do that....


  1. I'm sorry you had to go through that. Work stress sucks. At least you can take some more time off.


  2. Hey girl I'm visiting your website for the first time. I don't have enough time to read all the posts but I'll be following it from now on. The stress of the day can really bring us down. Just keep strong and don't punish yourself for others' mistakes, ok?


  3. :( That really sucks that they don't seem to be taking your opinions seriously. I know it's not much consolation but eventually your boss will see things your way- especially if he's entrusting that much power to this incompetent guy.