No excuses June...

How is everyone doing? The page is pretty dead, and I have been looking forward to see how everyone is doing with their goals, or if they want to update/define their goals.

I am doing OK with LCHF, I have been testing to see what carb levels work for me. Seems like I need to keep it pretty strict, but I am having problems with too much fat in one sitting, so I need to work on finding ways to up my fat intake and not the carbs without having to munch butter with everything.

Last night I had the sickest dream... In my dream I had gotten so fat that my belly was hanging down around my knee.. Well, the right side.. The left side was a tad higher.. I looked like one of those people you see on Supersize vs superskinny show, you know the ones the doctor uses to scare the fat person into getting in shape... I was pretty happy when I woke up and figure out that it wasn't real... But I am not happy with my body at all.. And i am not ready to give up and get to where I was in my dream..

Anyways, I guess it is all about finding the right balance for your body.. Right?


  1. too much fat in one sitting? hmm. have you tried to up your nut butter intake? i mean, the biggest problem would be making a carb leanway but i had no problem sticking with keto and eating loads of nuts all the time, but it made hitting it easier. oh, and creams. have you tried to add those? not just sour cream, thick cream, clotted cream, double cream, whipped cream, etc.
    that dream sounds horrifying. i've not had dreams in a long time.
    that's fucking scary.
    it really is about finding the balance for your body. that's why i keep on updating those damned June goals, so here it goes:
    i've been doing very badly with my goals, even the updated version. the exercise is the only thing i've been sticking to.
    the scale and weight goals are getting hard. i need to change it (i'm blushing as i've already done this):
    okay, here's the new ones:
    1. consistency is key.
    2. exercise 2-3 times a week.
    i think this'll help as it's more vague and my biggest problem with any plan is consistency. which is why i have halted the weight loss train a long time ago. i think the recovery part is the annoying part as well.

    -Sam Lupin

  2. I totally spaced it about updating the page! I have been doing pretty poorly, but maybe remembering to be part of a group will help :) My usual internet connection is down and my.phone is evil, so I'll update things properly once I get my computer to some WiFi. Do you like cheese? There's rarely more than 1 g carb per serving

  3. we love this blog. were a thinspo, weight blog too. its so nice to finally find others similar. so many are inactive now! support always helps to stay on track. you have us too!


  4. I am struggling with this whole "life" thing right now but I am hoping that I feel this way due to where I am in my cycle. Nutrition wise I have been horrible but I am gaining some balance and that is my main goal.

  5. Oooh I had completely forgotten about updating the page! Idiota! However, things are going well. I'm working out twice a day and trying not to weigh myself constantly. I lost 2.2lbs when I weighed on Monday, so... I am hoping for the same this week coming. I'm getting into cardio ballet, which is really tough. Had a couple of binge-episodes, but I am seeing small improvements and I'm logging literally everything on MyFitnessPal, which is a positive step for me. How're you all doing? xx

  6. i hope you're doing well. just decided to plop by and wish you a good day xx you're an angel by the way ;3

    -Sam Lupin

  7. No Excuses June 6/1 Summary Goals:
    Lose 4 pounds (126)
    Walk 20 miles
    Start strength training
    100 g net carbs daily + exercise allowance (10 g/mile)

  8. My last line didn't paste for 6/1:
    Free meal now and then without guilt

    6/15 Goals Update:
    Get back to 130 (am at 133)
    I am almost to 20 miles woohoo!
    Still need to start strength training
    Have eliminated carb goal due to doc-ordered diet changes. Right now I am just tracking (cals, fat, carbs, fiber, and protein) but I think I am headed for a goal of something like 1600 cals plus exercise allowance.