New home and hairy bikers!

Last week we bought a new apartment. It is in the same building as we live in now, but it is on the 13th floor, we live on 6th now. And it has 3 bedrooms and an extra WC. It is in the shape that this one was when we first bought it so it means we get to fix it all and make it our own. I am actually really looking forward to that cause this time around, we know what we like, what we don't like ect. We get the keys to the new place in the middle of September, and we are hoping to be moved in by end of October. I am going to do what I did last time and put up before and after pictures when we are done :)
We wanted to buy a house, but honestly who has the time for all the garden work and so on. And with my and my hubbies allergies it would be a "you do it" war.. The other issue was that we wanted to keep living in the area that we live now, and we just couldn't afford the houses that were up-to our standard. So for now another flat it is :) Who know maybe in 5 years we will be looking into a house.

I have also joined this online diet club. It is actually the hairy bikers (the British cooks, if you know who they are). One of my co-workers and her husband has been doing this since March and the results are amazing. They have each lost over 40lbs and just look so much better. What I LOVE about this site is that you are told exactly what to eat, and how much of it to have. If you choose to swap the things for something else that suits you, you have your calorie limit for that meal. For me this is making dinners just so much easier. I see what my weekly menus is like, and just swap the ones that doesn't work for the whole family, I just look into their recipe bank and choose something in the same calorie budget. I also like the fact that it is all normal food.. So now I don't have to feel like shit when my kid puts a bite of banana in my mouth cause I am doing low carb.. And all I need to do is to dedicated a day in the weekend planning the weeks menu and make a shopping list.. I already plan our whole weeks menu ahead, but the fact that we have been eating different meals has been killing me.. I also love their progress charts.. And it is cheap.. Here a weight watchers membership costs around 33 usd per month.. This club costs less than half aka 16 usd.. And with everything they offer it is worth every single dollar.

I am also done with macros for now. Going to focus on pure calories in - and some calories out.


  1. Congrats on the new place! Ahh, I'm so excited for you. I can't wait to see pictures of the before and after. Houses are definitely a lot more work, I think you're right to wait until you're in the position where you can keep up with yard work etc..
    The Hairy Bikers diet looks really good. I'm a big fan of making normal, family-type meals diet-friendly, though I'm stubborn and refuse to pay for weight loss programs, tempting as they may be. I've always focused on calories vs macros, except for watching my carbs to make sure my blood sugars don't drop too low.

    Take care dear, and have a lovely week <3 xx

  2. i'm glad you sorted all the building things and whatnot. an apartment or a hose, a new home is a new home m'dear. <3
    *clicks and opens online diet club* no, when i read Hairy Bikers, i just assumed that i was going to literally look at hairy bikers oops.
    you're so cute. i'm glad that you're happy with that then. xxx
    "Going to focus on pure calories in - and some calories out." same. it's how i've always lost weight who cares about how much fat or protein you have in a day. i'm so done with it all. eating should never be not fun.

    -Sam Lupin

  3. Min pojkvän och jag vill också ha hus, men vi bråkar redan om vem som ska ta hand om trädgården... Jag tror vi också håller oss till lägenhet :D

  4. A new place is always so exciting!! it's like a chance to start over again. Good luck with your new plan. :)

  5. congrats on the new place! So exciting.