I just don't understand how this is even possible!

So as the title says, I got my self a proper shock today..
We have had a bad cold, and moved to the new place last weekend, so I haven't had the chance to get on the scale.. But I did today..

And OMFG!!!!! I have now lost almost 20 lbs since I got pregnant... How.. I just don't understand how is this even possible??

I promise you I have not been trying to lose weight.. I have been eating almost everything I have craved (within reason), I haven't really been out and about because my fibromyalgia and SPD pains have been over the roof.. So how is it possible that I have lost almost 20lbs?

I know that a couple of it is probably cause I haven't been drinking as much as water as I should the last couple of days, but still..

As far as I can tell the baby is doing good too, he is very active (aka kicking my bladder so I have to pee like 30000 times a day), and we are to check the growth on Thursday, but nothing seems off. This means.. That if I don't gain any weight until the baby is duo I will end up losing over 30lbs when the baby is born. Of course I know I can not think like this, cause usually the most gain comes in the last tri-master.. But lets get real... I am 24 weeks pregnant and down almost 20lbs! Insane I tell ya... This is just insane!

PS: I promise to post before/after home edition pix as soon as we are more in order :)


  1. Så länge babyn är frisk så är det ju bara att gratulera till viktminskningen!

  2. Wow, that's crazy! Bubs must be super active and stealing all your food ;) As long as you and baby are okay. I hope Thursday goes well. Take care <3

  3. Since you're listening to your body and listening to what it needs, I'm sure there's no reason to worry. I know this pregnancy has been hard on you physically, but it sounds like you're feeling better, and a new home is always exciting! It's good to see you in better spirits, and I look forward to pics of the new place.

  4. As long as your doctor says the baby is doing fine then I'm sure there's no need to worry!
    Like Bella said, I'm sure you just have a hungry little baby in there that's stealing all of your nutrients! ;)
    Hope the rest of your pregnancy goes well along with the new place!


  5. baby is eating all the food!!! :) glad to hear an update!! xox!

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  10. you always lose weight when you are preggo, but 20 lbs? That is highly unusual and as long as you are healthy and your doctors agree I think it's a good thing because it's probably based on weight you were trying to lose before and will make things easier afterwards.