I  have been reading up on blogs today.. And it really breaks my heart to read that so many of you wonderful amazing beautiful smart girls do not appriciate your self.
Sometimes I wish you could stop and just have a look at your self and just find the good things in you. Just open your eyes and look. Cause I know for a fact that it is way too easy to focus on what is wrong and not see the good - but really.. You people are wonderful.. Give your self some cred and try to see the beauty you see in others, in your self..

Ok - I'm going to stop naggin you :)

Me.. I'm OK.. My doctor has put me on a sickleave for a while. Hopefully things will be better by then. BUT enough about that - I don't want to have yet another "pregnant" post.

We are having some issues with the people who painted our place before the move. There are a bunch of cracks in the paint.. And the first few came already a couple of weeks after we moved in. We have been trying to get a hold of the painters since - and we just managed to finally get a proper convo with them. They are blaming us for not choosing the right materials?? - while we had given them green light to do whatever they needed just to get the right results..

So I am ttly pissed.. Their manager is going to come and have a look at the cracks in a couple of weeks and we will see what they say then. It is so sad to have a fully renovated flat and then have cracks everywhere :S And for the amount of money we paid them for the job.. I realy hope they will fix this shit.. Ugh..

Anywho, I am going to get off before I get really icky again..



  1. I've tried. Made me gain even more than a low caloriebudget..

    I think im allergic to sugar. looks pregnant and it hurts really bad if i eat it..


  2. That's complete BS!! They are professional painters it is DEF not your fault! I hope they fix it wo giving you too much hassle.

    And I hope you feel better soon. Tell that lil baby to be nice to it's mommy :)

  3. If you do work and you screw it up you should fix it. End of story. Hope the company comes through and makes it right. Also, hope you feel better.