Oh my girls - time goes by waaay too fast.. Can you imagine that it's already April?? How did this even happen??

I am doing OK :) I am getting more comfy with the idea of being pregnant - and I am starting to get very very excited :) According to my cellphone app I am in my 8th week of the pregnancy which means the baby is as big as a blueberry ^^ I am actually really looking forward to have the ultrasound - but that is still weeks away :)

We are leaving for Norway tomorrow - we are staying at my uncle's mother in law - which I call for grandma - and she is really the closest I have EVER had to having a mom.. I haven't seen her since the wedding, and I am really looking forward to have some time with her. She lives right outside Oslo so I will take a couple of trips to Oslo as well to meet up with some old girlfriends and that I am really looking forward to. - I will be back on Monday night - and on Tuesday I have my first "mommy to be" appointment at the baby healthy station (not sure what the correct term for it is in English :( ) ..

My mom and I are still ... Well not so good.. She still hasn't called me after I told her about the baby. She has left me 2 PM's on facebook - one to ask me where I bought my GHD straightner and the other to ask if she could tell her friends that I was pregnant..

I mean comeon.. Shouldn't she have called? - Just to say "oh your knocked up grats or w/e? " - Ah well.. I guess the more she fucks up - the more I get an idea of what not to become when I have the baby..

As far as my weight goes - I keep going up and down.. The weekend I found out I gained some pounds due to the emotional eating.. But now that I am feeling more stabil I am actually losing weight.. Not much but I have lost couple of pounds the last week.. And I can cross my heart that I am not trying.. I eat when I'm hungry - and stop when I'm not.. I haven't even restricted - so if I have wanted candy I have had a piece.. So I find the loss odd...

I have been thinking.. Should I tell the health people when I go there about my "issues" ? - not the emotional ones - but you know the food - the binging - the purging.. On one hand I haven't been going that road more than once for months.. On the other hand, I wonder.. Can my background be of harm to the baby? What do you guys think??


I am getting sleepy again.. I can tell you one thing.. This being knocked up thing is REALLY tiring lol I am always sleepy.. and I can sleep for hours and hours hehe -

Thanks for all your comments girls - it's good to know that you are there..


Happy easter!!


  1. Love reading this positive post have fun on your trip and cant wait to hear how it all went when you get back!!

  2. I'm so happy you're so happy :) I loved reading this.
    I would only mention the eating issues if you want them to help you out with anything. If you think you've got it under control then just let it be...& load up on your vitamins and eat the right stuff now, you should be ok.
    I hope you enjoy your trip to Norway! xxx

  3. Glad you are feeling better about the pregnancy. This is something you want to enjoy. I don't think your past will affect what is going on. As long as there is no more BP and you eat healthy enough for a baby now you should be fine.

  4. i agree, if under control just bring up any issues at hand. if you find yourself wavering at all then discuss with them that you just need some counseling.

    have fun on your trip, enjoy every moment of that and your pregnancy. get your well needed rest for a healthy mom and baby!

  5. good to hear you're doing so well. Have a fun trip!

    xx SN

  6. Im so glad that things are going well for you and that you are getting excited :D.

    Well done on the weighloss as well, such a relaxed approach is awesome :).

  7. i know! it really is crazy how fast time flies! I am so glad you are ok, and learning to be comfortable with baby :) my friend I mentioned is also 8 weeks along!! I hope you have a wonderful trip to Norway and enjoy seeing your grandma and friends. Sorry about your mum, but you're such a wonderful human being and you've got people around you (and on the internets :) who love and support you 100%... yeah, I don't know how it works with the ED stuff, I think the human body is very resilient and as long as you dont do it during pregnancy (binge/purge/starve) and don't stress out, the baby will be fine. I'm just guessing though. If you feel worried you could tell them that you used to have eating issues when you were younger and you were wondering if it could have any effect on the pregnancy now? .. You should definitely star taking a pre-natal vitamin though. I love you! Stay positive and happy, it's rubbing off on me :P xoxo

  8. Congrats on your pregnancy! Love your blog too :)

  9. Sorry for disappearing there for a while, I actually only saw your comment from a while back yesterday, and I just wanted to say thank you<3 :) I'm glad you're feeling better and that the podcasts helped, and I'm sorry that your mum's being not very nice at all...at least you know what not to do as a parent :) I don't find the weight loss odd at all, eating when you're hungry and stopping when you're full - says it all right there babes. I do think you should tell the health people about your eating issues, it won't do any harm that they know and then you've got a safety net in case some bad feelings come bubbling up again. Bedre å være føre var enn etter snar (try saying that fast 20 times) ;)) Klem! xx