Easter was good. I didn't get to meet as many as my old friends as I had planned since - well I have been sick.. Not sick sick - but you know.. Yesterday was horrid.. nothing would stay in.. Every single thing I ate would come up.. Today - I am feeling better, but not too well.. And I feel really worn out. I have been home sick from work - and I really don't like being so much away :S 

The appointment went really well. Apparently all my yucky horrid feelings are "normal" for the pregnancy.. I really liked the nurse or whatever her title is.. She was really nice and easy to talk to. I decided to tell her about the eating issues cause lately I have been having some problems. It was soo awkward to talk about it infront of the hubby - and his face was in shock when I told the nurse that it had been really bad until our honeymoon.. But I felt like I had to be honest about it.. and I am glad I did, cause she told me that as soon as I felt it was becoming too much - that she would refer me to an specialist and that i would get help.. 

Other than that - I had a huge argue with my mom when I was away. - I don't want to get into it right now cause it really stresses me out - and I already feel sick today :( 

What else?? 

I am not gaining.. I have gained a total of 3 lbs since I got pregnant - which is good I think. I am aiming to not gain more than 15-20 lbs during this pregnancy. That is supposed to be enough.. 

I am sorry to be so much away - my energy level is next to nothing.. Hopefully it will get better in a few weeks (that's what they say atleast).. You know what?? - I have always said I want more than one kid.. But I really don't think it will be any more than this one.. Did i mention we might get twins?? - apparently hubby has it in his genes.. ah well.. 

sorry for being so boring.. 



  1. Great to hear from you and glad your appointment went well. It makes it much better when you like the people that are going to be a big part of your life for the next 9 months. About the getting sick. Try getting a can of 7-up open it before bed leave some crackers on your nightstand also. when you get up slowly sit up eat a few crackers and sip the flat soda sometimes this helps. also your doctor can prescription nexium(sp?) I have to take that when I am pregnant due to all the sickness and the fact that it starts eating away at your throat and stomach. cant wait to read more take it easy and get your rest.

  2. Being preggo is hard. Hang in there and hopefully the symptoms. And try not to let your mum stress you out if that is at all possible. She does not seem to be good for your health. Feel better. Oh, and glad you were honest with hubby about the eating issues.

  3. I bought http://www.proteinbutiken.se/Produkter/prestation-energi/yellow-amp-stack and http://www.proteinbutiken.se/Produkter/viktminskning/stacker-2-black-burn :)

    I hope you feel better soon. My friend told me the beginning was worst!

  4. I hope you feel better soon!
    & I'm very glad there's help if you need it and your hubs can help more now he knows too.
    Look after yourself xxx

  5. I'm glad you were honest with the nurse, even if it was awkward!:) Don't hesitate to contact them if you feel like you need it, that's what they're there for. I think it's important that you remember that you're not gaining fat, you're gaining a baby...a friend of mine was pregnant a few years back, she's a tiny lil' thing and was still in her size XS jeans at 8 months pregnant, but felt horrible because she thought she was fat - she wasn't fat, but pregnant. Does what I'm trying to say make a little sense? ^^;; Uu-oh, twins, that'll be a delightful handful :D
    Thanks babes, I might just take you up on that offer:) Take care lovely xx

  6. Oh goodness. This is why I need to find time to blog daily and read all the blogs I follow. I had no idea you were pregnant! Everyone I know seems to be pregnant right now. Congratulations, though! Babies are so adorable. Twins are even more adorable. Twins in my family have twins and I'm a twin... Makes me scared to consider kids haha.

    Being honest with your nurse/midwife person is really good though. It's always super awkward to talk about eating issues but you feel more relieved once you do. I hope the sickness goes away soon. Most people I know had it really bad during the first trimester.

    Take care xx

  7. i'm glad you spoke up and we honest with both your nurse and your husband. in the long run it will be a good thing for you and your baby. the only *morning* sickness that i experienced were headaches for the first five months straight (every day) due to the hormone changes. try to get as much rest as you can, people will understand so don't apologize...work will be there when you get back. take care of yourself!