Guess who is gaga!!

So erm ya.. Had my second control today - so the nurse started asking me a bunch of questions to get some background info - and then she asked about my family and my relationship with my mother - and if I had ever had any sort of depression or stuff before.. And guess what...
Out of no where I was bawling.. It sort of started with how sucky my relationship with my mum is - how soon I moved out from home - the sexual abuse while she was away - the dreams I keep having about it.. My issues with food..

You can imagine that the list was long.. So erm ya.. She is sending me to get some terapi.. I don't know when it will start - she is contacting them and they will contact me and I guess we will take it from there..

I guess it is about time I faced everything and talked to someone about it.. On the other hand I must admit that I am worried.. What if it sort of brings out everything?? - but then again.. I guess it's better that I am getting help now before the baby is born.. Isn't it?


I have been feeling really well today.. I really hope this keeps up cause I really want to get back to work soon.. Staying home is not good for my mood.. I can tell you that..

Hope you are all OK.. Take care of you girls



  1. Haha you aren't gaga, just have a lot of things troubling you :P talking to some one will probably do you good, try not to worry about it :) you wouldn't have said anything if you sectetly didn't want to talk about it, so make the most of the opurtunity :) glad you are feeling ok at the moment :)
    Lottie x

  2. Glad you are feeling better and glad that you are finally going to talk to someone about all that bad stuff. I think it will do you some good.

  3. yes, now is best for you both. it's can be a difficult process but you might find it cathartic to discuss those difficult issues face to face with someone who is just there to listen. keep feeling better and keep reaching out!

  4. Beautiful. Deserving. Wounded. Not gaga.

  5. It'll be better to get everything on the surface and exposed. It'll help your emotions and be better for the baby :) xx

  6. I think you'll feel better getting it out. Sometimes, you just need to cry, and once you do, you feel stronger than ever (or at least a bit calmer). I mean, friends can only comfort so far, but a therapist should help you. good luck with it all!

  7. Talking to someone might help. And I'm glad you're feeling better. I had horrible morning sickness too when I was pregnant. I spent a lot of time in bed with a trash can next to me.

  8. I hope therapy helps! I was reluctant to trust Julien, and he is useless a lot of the time, but he has these moments where he says something profound to me, or he gives me "homework" and it turns out to be really helpful. Hopefully your therapy will be useful to you. <3!