Quick update..

Hay all..

Just wanted to drop by to say that I'm alive.. Ish..
My friend had her baby girl so we decided to take a trip to Oslo, and I have been sick since our second day there. We are home now - and I am yet again taking some sick days at home..

I sort of had no choice since I am coughing my guts out and I have no voice... Who the fuck knew coughing could hurt this much :S And the wonderful side of it all is that they can't give me any medication for it but normal asprins couse I'm pregnant... *sigh*


Gonna try to catch up on your blogs.. I think I have a couple of weeks worth of reading to do hehe - and I promise I will make a proper update post soon :)



  1. I'm sorry you're not feeling well Kitty,
    sending you a hug,
    Did you get it?

    Mind you x

  2. being sick when you're pregnant has to be the worst. take care of yourself, rest up and feel better soon :)

  3. Im sorry to hear your arnt feeling well and I hope you feel better soon xxxxx

  4. Sorry you got sick on your trip. That sucks. Rest up and feel better.