A more proper update!

I have had a rough night.. I had a hard time breathing and the coughing kept me awake.. And when I finally got to sleep again it was around 06:30.. I woke up from our neighbours renovation...Who the hell starts working at 08:30 in the morning without giving a proper neighbour notification?? 

Anywho... I am very tired, but am feeling a little better today, so I thought I would make a more proper post and try to give some asnwers to the questions I haven't replied to yet. 

I can start with the day of ultrasound.. It was one of the wackiest, weirdest things I have EVER seen.. I thought the baby would look a little more "alian" if you know what I mean.. But no.. It was this little tiny person.. Who had hiccups lol.. So this little tiny person was jumping around in my tummy.. Who knew that a baby can have hiccups in the woom??? I didn't ^^

After we got to see the baby and were out of the room, my hubby was all "lets go and sit down a bit" .. And I was all "no I'm Ok, lets just go to the car" and he said: "I wasn't thinking of you - I really need to sit down" lol.. And yes.. When we did.. My wonderful, emotional hubby was crying for .. erm I dunno ^^ 15 mins lol.. I think it was the first time the baby actually felt real to him.. I have been feeling the baby move and being sick and so on has made it real for me - but for him.. I think that was the moment hehe.. I must say, him being all emotional is one of the reasons why I love him ^^ 

When we were at the ultrasound, they also found out that I am not as far as they thought.. They thought I was in week 19 - but it showed that it was only week 17.. So the baby was too tiny to have a full check-up.. And we are going back again this Sunday to have him fully checked. They said from what they could see everything looks good, they just want to be sure, since he was too tiny for them to be able to see everything.. I am really looking forward to see him again.. My little tiny weird boy ^^ 

The trip to Oslo was also kind of baby related.. My friend had her baby girl last Wednesday.. So we decided to take a trip to meet the little girl, and to pick up the stroller. We also got to meet up with my cousins who were in Oslo for a small trip.. They live in Dubai and we hadn't seen them since the wedding, so it was good to have some time with them.. But OMG.. I had forgotten how insanely expencive Oslo is.. A day with my little cousins where we hit the movies and had dinner ended up costing us around 350 US dollars... Which I really think is insane.. We didn't even have anything fancy, just pizza... 

So if you guys ever hit the nordics.. Remember.. Oslo is probably the most expencive city you will EVER come across.. So bring shit loads of cash lol ^^

What else.. Ah yes.. Linny asked if I was thinking about breastfeeding.. And yes I am.. If there is enough to feed the baby and have him content.. I want to breast feed him the first 6 months.. After that when it's time to introduce more "real" food - I think it will also be time to stop breast feeding too.. 

I have seen and read articles about these mothers who breastfed the kids until they are 3-4 years, and in the most extreme 10.. And it really freaks me out.. So yes.. I think 6 months is enough.. 

Anywho.. I am going to end this post for now since I am starting to feel sort of woozy lol.. Stupid cold.. ^^

Thank you so much for all your comments and support.. I am very blessed to have you girls around.. 



  1. That is too cute him having the hiccups!
    Ah your man sounds like a good guy, not afraid to show his emotions.
    I'm glad everything's going well with your pregnancy, I hope the rest goes smoothly for you,
    Why is Oslo so expensive?

    Much love x

  2. Your hubby getting all emotional is so sweet! It is kinda crazy that you are makin' a baby in your tummy. Wow! 350 bucks. When we go to Europe we won't be able to make it up to the Nordics...even though I totally want to as I think it would be awesome to visit you!! But alas, we couldn't afford it anyways. Geez.

  3. Ack! I hope you feel better soon!

    My friend just had her eleven week ultrasound. It's odd how human the fetus looks even at that age (though the head was HUGE).

  4. oh congrats on the baby, i've been missing in action so long i missed a lot of stuff lol

  5. I hope you feel better soon sweety. I'm glad to hear your hubs is in touch with his emotions I'm sure you're both going to be great parents :)
    Fingers crossed the next ultrasound goes as well xxx

  6. I really have no desire what so ever to go to Oslo...

    / Avy