Need some changes..

Ever since I got pregnant I have been letting my self go.. Not with food and stuff - but I have been more of a slack than anything else.. I am so freaking tired all the time - so I have been sleeping in the extra 30 mins than getting up and fix my hair and put on some make up for work... I keep avoiding the mirror cause it screams "tired" every time I look at it.. I really need to do something soon.. I need to get a manicure.. and have my eyebrows threaded..

And I really need to find some new cloths.. I have been wearing whatever that feels comfy, which means I have been wearing a whole lot of yoga pants - tights - hoods ect.. And none of my shoes are comfy since my feet get  the same size as big foots feet by the end of work day ... *sigh*

To top it all - the lack of sun the last couple of weeks have put me off my plan to get some colour on me, so I am even more pale than I thought was ever possible.. I don't dare to use any tanning creams or anything like that either - cause I don't want to breath in or have anything harm the baby...

The "wonderful" hormones are making my hair unmanageable and I have been wearing a ponytail for weeks.. Which again hasn't been the best look since nothing stays in place even with the ponytail... So I am going to get some shopping done - and make some appointments to look more human.. I need to keep reminding my self that I should take care of my looks no matter what, cause it really effects my mood..

Over to something else.. We have bought some more baby stuff.. We have bought a .. I think it's called carrier bag in English.. It was on sale so we only paid half price for it :)

We also bought a crib and a mattress for the crib. It's from Ikea and we need it to put it together .. Her is a picture of the crib ..  I wanted a white crib to keep it neutral.. 

And we are going to buy off the stroller from my friend. She is expecting another baby in matter of couple weeks and the stroller she bought for her son is only a bit over a year old and barely been used and it is the same model I was thinking about getting for ours. She is going to sell it to us for half of the price she bought it for which saves us a bunch.. I never thought I would consider something used - but I have known her for around 10 years and she is the only one I could consider buying something like this from.. The stroller is going to be in forest green and it has a carrier bag for the first 6 months and can be swapped into a sitting part when the baby is older. Here is a picture of it:

We still have a whole lot to buy and the baby room is still my hubby's gaming centre but I guess I am already "nesting" .. That's the word isn't it? hehe

Anyway.. I should end this wall of text and try to do some work..

Take good care..



  1. you should absolutely pamper yourself. go have a mani/pedi and shop for new clothes. you deserve every bit of rest and relaxation it provides. i look back on how i looked when i was pregnant and trust me when i tell you i look hideous in all the pics. it's embarrassing to me. i didn't wear much in the way of maternity clothes and wish now that i had because all i wore was over-sized ugly stuff. i even think some of it was my husbands...omg...i shouldn't even be telling you this. luv all the baby stuff you bought, surely you are nesting! i'm so excited for you and happy that you're settling into this.

    not sure on the breast exam question you had but my guess is if you've never done one you wouldn't have anything to compare it to. plus when you're pregos your breast are not the same due to the surge in hormones. they're what they call *dense*. i'd ask the midwife what she thinks. i never gave them a second or even first thought when i was pregnant :/

  2. I agree with shebeelu, pamper yourself! Feeling good about your looks makes you feel good overall, and confident. You deserve it. The baby stuff looks so nice, I like the green colour:) Thanks for the lovely comments, it really means a lot. Stor klem! xx

  3. Do what makes you happy. Take care of yourself you are pregnant not died!! I love reading your blog btw. can't wait till we find out what the babe is!!

  4. Hey kitty, I've just started reading your blog and can identify a lot. I'll look forward to reading more,
    Much love to you xxx