I'm sorry for being awol so much lately.. I am so freaking tired all the time.. We had our vacation and we have been back to work for a week.. Working from 08 - 5 really takes its toll on me.. Luckily people are still on their vacation mode and we don't have that much to do at work else I'd be dead!!! hehe

Thank you all so much for the comments on my last post.. I am relaxing more about the weight and I am happy to report that I haven't been gaining since my last post.. I had another check up last Thursday and the nurse is really happy with my weight - which makes me relax more and more about it. We also got to hear our little boys heart.. They tried to listen to it when I was the last time - but he was moving too much for them to be able to get a hold of him.. This time we got to hear it properly and it was just so amazing :)

I have also decided how I am going to take out my maternity leave.. I will start taking out vacation days from around second week of Novemeber - and I will go on my leave from the 19th.. and I will be out the rest of the 2012 - and I am taking 2013 off.. I told my boss that I was going to start going back to work starting January 2014 - but only part time.. They were fine with it, and they are open for changes as long as I let them know about the changes 2 months prior to the change. During this time we will have to watch the way we spend our money, but we did the math and we will be just fine :) Worst comes to worst we will have to dug into savings.

We are also almost done with baby room and all the things he needs. We just need to buy a couple of small stuff but that is about it.

When my mum was here she bought a chair for the baby - this is a Norwegian brand and the things from them are a little more expencive the "normal" stuff - but I guess you get what you pay for.. Cause we got 5 years of warranty and it can be used for all ages.. Anywho, if you want to have a look, this is a link to the page with info about the chair. We got the back one to match the rest of our dining chairs - we also got the black baby set and the premium cushion :)

We also invested in their daybed.. We were told that the baby needs to sleep in our room the first few months and we don't have room for his bed in our bedroom... So we wanted something smaller and something that is easier to move.. We also wanted a bouncer so this was perfect for us.. I really love the color and design of this thing.. 

Anyways.. I need to be off.. I was informed that the reason for a lot of my pain lately has been pelvic girdle pain and let me tell you this.. It hurts ALOT.. I guess this is also another reason why I am so freaking tired again..



  1. hi kitty, i've caught up on your blog and i'm happy to see you're doing well.

    the baby goods you've bought are so cool. european stuff is just so different from american stuff and i love it.

    i have to tell you that i couldn't have either of my baby boys sleep in the same room with me when they were infants. i'm such a light sleeper any little noise or move they made had me up. once i wake up i have trouble getting back to sleep, some things never change. anyway, don't feel so bad if this happens to you too. for the longest time i thought this made me a bad mom but you know what i guess there are much worse things that other moms do than that.

    nice that you can take time off from work. i worked very part time off an on but not before my oldest was two and only when i felt like it but didn't go to full time until my youngest was seven or so. sometimes the best laid plans change when you have babies and it's all what comes natural to you so i'm sure you'll do what's needed and what you want when the time comes.

  2. What a neat chair! I missed your last post somehow, but I'm glad you're feeling better about things. It's also so great that you can take a full year off work and it's accepted in your culture!

  3. Congrats on the baby! I guess I've been out of touch for a little while, so I didn't realize you were pregnant!

  4. Happy to hear you're doing well! Take it easy while on maternity leave. It's also great to hear that you're happy with your weight. Being pregnant and having ED tendencies can be really hard. (not that I would know, I've just heard it)

  5. That kid in the 1972 chair is soooo freaky looking! LOL


  6. wow it must have been amazing to hear his heart for the first time, and with all the new things and decorating it must be becoming reality, baby coming soon! so exciting!