Been away for a while .. Will make a proper post soon.. Today's mantra is : it's ok to feel hungry.. You do not have to put something in your mouth every time you feel hunger!


  1. True. It's interesting because it seems like it should be opposite if you're trying to recover, but you're right, eating at normal intervals is better than just eating whenever you feel hungry.

  2. I always have to ask my self if I am physically hungry or is it a mental thing? I find more often than I would like I eat because I feel the need to, as if it will fix whatever is going wrong. This is a biggie for me.

  3. i eat whenever i feel hungry
    if i'm not hungry, i won't eat. if i am, i will. but for me, when i say hunger, i mean my stomach is physically hurting because it's empty. i think it depends on how you define hunger as well. ;)
    -Sam Lupin