It has been a few very busy days.. Have been out and about with check-up and baby massage for the kid.. He also needed some new clothes, bottles and things like that - so we have been out and about for hours. Did you guys know that it is actually a pretty good workout to go on walks with the stroller? - add the shitty weather here - the wind and the mud - and you have to put your whole body into work.. So that is a very good thing!

That said - I haven't done anything but walking and carrying as far as the workout goes. I guess I was very optimistic when I planned getting out to workout 3 times a week lol... Hubby is helping a whole lot out, but the kid has been having a whole lot of tummy ache so we both have been pretty tired.

Talking about the kid - we go to this group thing provided by the healthcare system - where we are around 10 parents with kids that were born in November 2012 - and as I mentioned we had the baby massage yesterday (which my baby loved) - but I did notice that he was one of the smallest kids there (in size) - there were two that were around his size, but they were still a tad bigger. The weigh-in the day before that showed that he is gaining a bit more weight now that we are mixing BF and formula - but he is still around couple of pounds under what is "normal". I have been thinking (read going mental and fighting with my self ), and I have decided that we will be going fully over to formula feeding him starting Monday (it takes a few days to cool off the breasts and the little production that is there now).. I talked to hubby about it too - and we are pretty much agreeing that this is what is best for now.

That means starting Monday, not having to think about what I eat, I can start a proper diet. I struggle finding time during the day to eat proper breakfast and lunch since the kid is bigger now and he is more awake, wanting to play and needing attention. So I have decided to try a version of the two shake and a salad diet again.. I don't know if you remember my post about it - but here is the link. This is what I think about doing:
Breakfast: Shake
Snack: Fruit
Lunch: Shake
Snack: Skyr
Dinner: Fish/meat with veg and salad
And I'm planning to do this until 3rd of March (3 weeks) with the exception of Valtentines day. Hubby and I (and the kid lol) are going to our fav Italian restaurent. I want to say I'm going to do it for longer - but I don't want to set up goals that I might fail at. 3 weeks is a limited period and I having a date to look forward to so I know there will be a near end. I will think about what i will do when that time is over, when the time comes.

Anyways - I am looking forward to this (I am trying to keep positive and focus on the good things).. Wish me luck :)


  1. I think it's good to set shorter term goals. I have been trying to think in terms of 15 day increments myself. Luck! The plan sounds good. I know you can do it.

  2. I think you're doing awesome. Just don't stress yourself out too much with the added pressure of keeping on track with a diet. If you slip a little, don't let it ruin your day or bring you down from doing things for and with your family. Good luck!

  3. Good Luck! I think short term goals are great. Make them achievable and you can't go too wrong :)

  4. Sometimes setting short-term goals is exactly what you need! And in all seriousness, I saw major results last spring running just twice a week. I'm sure you will see faster results with more workouts, but 2 is enough to start making a change. Just do what you can and keep moving forward :) Good luck with everything.

  5. The key to life is adapting to life. If you can do that you will be able to have sucess. God luck!

  6. i hate children
    though you sound happy! and busy :P
    ahhhhhh this baby stuff sounds confusing but im glad your bb liked the massage! i would too ;D
    that sounds like Hell but good luck! :)
    -Sam Lupin