Day 3!

Todays numbers are super super super low... I ended up at 700 cals! But I ate well all day and have been feeling great! Oh and I'm done 1.3 lbs .. The numbers are making me happy.. But I am aware of the fact that they are only numbers.

Today we have been out and about all day, by lunch time I was hungry and I am ashamed to say that I hadn't planned on being out that long so I didn't have anything to eat with me and lets face it, a low cal protein shake and a pro bio yogurt doesn't keep you going for long.. As we were driving I saw a McDonald's sign and asked hubby to drive in.. And guess what.. I ordered a side salad.. No dressing.. And that's it! I was so proud. And hubby was shocked.. I have never ever had the willpower to stay off burgers! And it felt so good! When we got home I had an apple and a cup of soup.. Then I had a huge dinner! The dinner was one of the most yummy and filling dinners I have had in a while and it ended up and it had a total of 402 calories! I had a oven-baked omelette and loaded it with veg - and had 2 wasa fiber crackers on the side!! So yum!

But you were all right - I can not live on these numbers and take care of the kid.. I need to find more low cal options like the dinner I had today.. I went to the store and bought some bell-pepper and sellerie and carrots to have more snack options - and I got my shakes! The powder smells just like hot coco! I can not wait to try it out tomorrow :) My daily intake goal is 1200 and I have to make sure I get closer to that number.. But for now - I am not stressing over it..

Anywho - gonna finish my tea and get ready for bed :)



  1. Congrats on your Maccas win! I'm so proud you didn't get a burger :)
    Keep up the great work x

  2. Well done with McDonalds- I could never do that lol!
    You're doing great. :)

  3. The salad is a huge victory! It's all about those little decisions. Keep it up.

  4. Have you ever been to the website sparkpeople.com? They have a great section dedicated to recipes that you can look up or create your own. And you can search by meal, calorie content, or even ingreedient. I love it. It helps to think of really filling nutritous meals that everyone can enjoy.

    1. Yes - I did make an account there once but the page really confused me. I guess I'll have to give it another go :)

  5. 1.3LBS?! girly, give me your weight loss. please.
    when you said you're aware of the fact they're only numbers, i died from glee. :D
    A SIDE SALAD?! wow. im just...wow. a probiotic yoghurt and...wow, just wow. xD
    -Sam Lupin