Hi from Chamonix and the Alps.. 
This trip is making me realize more than ever how bad I feel about my self. And how out of place I feel most of the time.. 
The trip started on Thursday morning.. We were to meet by the office around 03:30 AM. We met up and a travel bus picked us up and drove us to the airport. We were all taking different flights.. Mine went from Copenhagen to Frankfurt and from there to Geneva. And then almost 1,5 hour drive to the hotel.. We arrived to the hotel around 1 PM.. Then it was lunch - work - dinner.. And I sort of crashed around 9 since I had only had 2 hours of sleep since I got up for work on Wednesday... 
Friday started early. I had team stuff for half of the day - and had to work the other half since I was one of the few not skiing.. So erm ya.. I didn't sleep much last night since the room next to mine was apparently the party central.. And they were shouting and screaming until around 3.. 
Today I am staying at the hotel until abit later. Most of my co-workers are either skiing - or taking the line thingies up to the hills. I don't deal with ledge and hight too well.. So I am sort of alone.. I am thinking about going to the Chamonix center a tad later and see if I can meet some of the guys later.. 

My eats have been horrid.. I have been good about the sweets and haven't really been eating more than a couple of bites of that but we have only been served white bread and ham or loads of pancake or fatty bacons for every meal.. It's cakes and stuff EVERYWHERE.. I have only had couple small pieces of chocolate and couple bites of the cakes - but for the rest all the white bread and such is making me REALLY bloated.. I tried to ask for wheat free options and they looked at me as if I was an alian... 

What is it with the French? They are just so rude - and really make you feel as if you are bothering them... and I mean come-on.. This is what you are doing for living - try to smile.... Tonight we have the 10 year anniversary dinner - and Tomorrow we are off.. My flight lands around 10 PM.. 

Now.. The bloat and shit on one side.. The being tired on another.. I am THE fattest female in my whole company.. And I am not saying this because I have a fucked up self image.. It is true.. To hell with it.. I am probably the fattest female in this town.. Every single girl/woman I have seen is TINY... So erm ya.. You can imagine the wonders it is doing for my mood.. So erm ya.. 

Ah well.. I am going on the running training from Monday.. 8 weeks left to the 5k by then and I am really looking forward to that.. Next weekend I am going away with hubby for one of his biggest competitions... And that means more eating out - and stuff like that.. We are leaving on Friday and I am thinking about keep my eats really clean the until then.. My body is so out of balance that it isn't even funny.. And I am dreading the scale on Monday morning.. 

Ah well... I am going to see if I can catch up on some of your blogs and then see if I can dry my hair so I look a tad human.. and then figure out what I am going to do.. 


  1. Hope you can have some fun while you are there. I'm not sure I"d be too excited about skiing either. Traveling is havoc on the diet that's for sure.

  2. I agree that the French are rude. Not to stereotype them or anything, but the vast majority of French people I have encountered have been some of the rudest people ever.

    Not been at home is horrible on the diet. I can't imagine only having a choice of bread or pancakes or whatever for every meal. I'd be sick of food. xxx

  3. Travelling on a diet is always difficult "/ Hopefully you were able to make the best of it :) I hate it when people don't understand the severity of food allergies and don't have any options. I mean, restaurants should be able to predict that they will at some point have to deal with allergies, so why not just have allergy options on the menu? >.< Pisses me right off it does. Anyway, hopefully it was a nice trip still :) xxx