Oh lord..

Girls.. I think I'm very very pregnant...... I will make a proper post when we get back from this trip... I just HAD to tell someone.....


  1. OMG!!!!!
    I know you may be freaking but still I think a congratulations is in order! I hope you're happy and take this opportunity to nurture yourself and make new positive eating habits... but if you're really not ready then I understand and if you need to talk I'm here.
    Keep us updated!
    All the very best xxx

  2. I DANCED.
    But you knew that.
    I'm here for you whenever, you know that.

  3. CONGRATS, CUPID. you're gonna be carrying a cute little cherub inside of you. please do tell us more about it later. we're more excited for you than freaking out. :) it is though an opprotunity to start really healthy. i think you'd gain just 25-40lbs and think about it: when you give birth, you lose 12lbs instantly. and pre-birth weight doesn't stay for long that's all i can tell. my aunt got back into her skinny skinny figure in less than two months. ;)
    please do take care of yourself, love. and try to enjoy yourself. nobody gives a pregnant woman shit about her eating habits. please do, do DO be careful. talk to us though. this kid...is gonna be famazing. i swear.
    -Sam Lupin

  4. I've been MIA but I love you!! And congrats!! Do tell more, so excited for you. Keep calm and enjoy it! <3!!!! xoxo

  5. If you are pregnant, remember that it's totally normal to have mixed feelings, ALL kinds of feelings. You're in the same boat as all the surprise new moms out there. I look forward to hearing more of the news.

  6. OMG I CANT BELIEVE IT. are you happy or excited?

  7. Oh my :O Congratulations! Look forward to hearing more! xx

  8. Wow congrats Kitty!! I hope you are doing well <3