I think I have catched up on all your blogs :) 
I got on the scale yesterday morning - and I have gained 200 grams - that is around 0.4 lbs - and I must say I am really glad cause I felt so bloated and I was scared I had gained ALOT.. So I take the 0.4 lbs with a smile.. 

Work has been insane - and I have been very tired. But I am starting to feel a tad less tired cause I have been getting more sleep. 

Since yesterday I have been trying to keep it low carb. Yesterday I messed up my dinner so I had some of hubbys so it messed it a tad up - but I don't mind. Today I did good :) and I am planning my meals for the rest of the week as we speak. 

I am going to weigh-in on Friday, before we leave for hubbys competitions. I think I will be able to get some online time while we are away, but if I don't I will be back next Monday again. 

Aaannnddd I am starting the proper traning for the 5k. I am really looking forward to it.. And I am thinking about giving my self some proper reward when I complete the run :) will see.. 

Going out for a jog now before it gets too late.. 


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