Can dreams come true?

I have this little dream.. OK so it's not that little... 
For years I have been dreaming and wishing to get in shape and take PT and nutrition classes and use my past as an extra motivation and make it all a full-time job. I have looked into the classes and costs and always been.. Well to be completely honest.. Too lazy to actually make this dream come true.. 

I do however keep going back to the dream.. Changing my career... 

I am so jealous of my cousin (the one who lives in DC)... She is a yoga instructor and a PT.. She seems to have the most wonderful job.. She is doing what she has always wanted... 

Is it too late for me to do this?? Spending the this and next year to really get in shape.. We want another baby, so maybe have that.. And then start on classes and really just go for it? 

The classes cost a whole lot.. A complete PT course, along with a proper nutrition curse along with some extra courses such as cycling or step or yoga will cost around 100000 SEK... That is I guess around 13000 USD... And since it is not supported by the schooling program, it means I would have to pay for it my self and not count on a government supported student loan.. 

Lets say I do it and I am done by the time I am 33... Is it too late for me to start working with it? 
What if I really suck at it?

Would you take the risk?? 


  1. You'll never know till you try!
    I say go for it- I'm at uni with a bunch of people who are in their 40's and 50's, if they can do it then you can!

    If you suck at it or don't enjoy it then you don't have to do it, you can always do something else. If it was my dream and had the option of going for it then I would- you have a supportive husband and can afford to try so why not?

    What if you love it and you're in your element then your perfect job? x

  2. It's not too late to switch careers. You just have to be passionate about it and really DO it. No half way. No second guessing. You have to know that you want to do it and go all in. I personally have not found anything I'm passionate about enough or with clear enough career options to take such a risk. If you think it will make you happy go for it.

  3. I don't think it is too late. Besides the whole doing what you love and your jon not feeling like a job, you also have to remember that females normally live til about what 85 years old give or take. That's 50 more years of your life to live. Why not look into it? After your time with your PT you can ask the real questions you might have and get a good idea what it would be like. Take this time to learn about it outside of the classroom details. I hope the PT helps!

  4. I don't think it's too late. I think if you can get on track and stay on track, you really can be an inspiration to others, and that will definitely help you in your new career. A lot more people will connect with someone who has struggled and overcome weight issues as opposed to someone who has always been naturally sknny. This woman lost a ton of weight and is now a fitness instructor, so you can definitely do it. She's 31.

  5. It's definitely not too late.

    I have a friend that jumped on the bandwagon all my friends are on right now. (Fitness/body building competitions) She competed back in April and afterwards decided she was going to change her career path and become a PT. She did 6 years of schooling to be in PR and Events and has loved the job and the travel it brings, but she wants to share her experience from the competition and help get people healthy.

    As long as you're doing something that you will love and will make you happy then it's never the wrong decision and it's never too late to do something you will love. All my trainer friends wouldn't take any other job.

  6. Hun I was 33 when I went back to school I still have 2 years and then have to start at an entry level before I can become a counselor and if I want to be a psychiatrist we are looking at even more schooling. I ask myself everyday is it worth it. I will be at least 40 before I might even be out on my own, but I have to say even as hard as it is to juggle everything in my life right now I love it and look forward to 40 lol. Make yourself happy!

  7. Work towards it! It can happen for you, and I think it's always good to go for your dreams. It doesn't have to be right away, and it doens't have to happen quickly. Somtimes working slowly towards a goal is more rewarding because then you don't achieve success too quickly and have to look for something else to do.
    Keep your dreams alive!