My fucking moodswings are giving me a fucking whipflash... So fucking sick of it.... One minute I feel normal - another I am in tears... This can not be normal....

Anywho.. Thought I'd do a recap of what happened with the PT. The guy was one of the best I have ever went to. He actually knew what fibromyalgia was and set me up with a program to lose weight and get better upperbody strength.. I am to meet him again after our trip to Oslo.. The trip is in 2,5 weeks and I am going to meet him couple of days after we get home.. The program is going to last for 8 weeks and I will meet him again at the end of it.

He wants me to walk for 30 mins twice a day - in addition to the 3 workouts at the gym where I have a 20 mins strength program and I am to do 40 mins of cardio where 10 to 15 mins is warm up and the rest after the strength program.

To balance of my body he asked me to lay off diary and wheat as much as possible - to take additional pro-biotic pills.. He wants me to drink a whooping 3.5 liters (that is I guess around 15 cups for those living in the US)  of water a day - where half of them are to be consumed as soon as I get up with juice of half a lemon. If I am having coffee he wants me to drink 2 glasses of water for each cup! And an extra liter on the days I hit the gym...

This week has been hell and I haven't been able to hit the gym more than once - and my water intake hasn't been that well.. We have been out of and about all the time and well - that amount of water makes you f-ing pee every 5 mintues... I also have had a stomach flu which well.. Hasn't exactly been pretty...

Anywho - this week isn't going to be less busy but I am ready.. I have precooked a bunch of meals and have portioned them and have them in the freezer for the days where I don't have time to prep lunch/dinner.
I have a bunch of weightwatchers canned soup which are each around 100 calories... Some apples, bananas and some hummus and green veg for snacks.. Oh and rice cakes since I am staying off wheat. Frozen fruit and protein powder for on the go meals.. So hopefully this will get easier..

I'm off for now being all moody...


  1. Wow that sounds like a lot to start doing right away, but I know when I want a big change I like to jump all in too! You can do this, even if you can't get every detail right some days, it will create a hugh change in your life that I know you want for yourself and you family. Good luck!

  2. Well... I hope you feel better?
    It seems like you're doing well from your post...
    And holy moley that is a lot of water. I think I drink like three glasses a day at the most. I'm glad the PT works for you and I hope the program will too. It's sounds hard.
    Keep us updated!

  3. Wow, I hope your trip goes well!
    I completely understand those mood swings because I get them all the time. People have even asked me if I was bipolar! Good luck on your exercises, too. If you stick to it faithfully, you'll be losing weight in no time (: Keep drinking the water even though it's a pain in the ass and makes you look more bloated, because it's really good for your skin and flushing shit out of your system.

  4. Ok this is odd on my blog page I can see your post about going back to Norway but I can't see it on your page. Silly blogger. Anyway, it sounds like you are pretty stressed out. I can only imagine being home with the baby and not having adults to talk to could make a person feel stir crazy. Then add a husband and family stress and you have an emoitional time bomb. I know I would feel like I was at my breaking point at least once a day! Only advise I have is to try to find a few moments to yourself which is probably imposible. Or make the baby laugh, nothing sounds better!


  5. I hope you are OK Kitkat! I love you!

  6. I can keep you company on the crazy-mood train! I swear the littlest things can set me off sometimes. I tear up watching tv!

    It's great that you found a PT who knows fibromyalgia. At least that's a plus.