The christening and having visitors over went pretty OK.. But with all the eating out and ignoring calorie contents + no exercise but mall walking, I have gained a few pounds...

It really makes me feel like I just keep failing since I have been gaining instead of losing weight ever since I stopped breastfeeding the kid... But I am not planning on giving up.. In couple of hours I have my first PT session where the guy seems to be really good at both nutrition and working with people that have illnesses like mine.. So hopefully he will put up a proper plan for me and get me on my way..

I am also getting on track with my eating again.. Yesterday I spent a couple of hours cooking up a whole lot of food for hubby, I portioned them up and put the in the freezer. This way, all he has to do is to defrost it and cook some pasta/rice/potato to go with it - and I wont have to think about his food for like 2 weeks. I don't really mind doing it this way for a while.. We can not keep doing it always cause the kid is about to start on solid foods soon and it is important that he sees and understand proper family meal time.. But yeah, we are still a couple of months away from that.

I am going back to have my dinners pre-made from low cal and low carb producers. There is this swedish brand which focuses on it, and their meals are under 400 calories and are low carb since the carb part of the meals are wheatberries or quinoa. For lunches I'm sticking to protein shakes and low cal veggie soups from weight watchers.. Whole wheat crackers with some sort of protein on it for breakfast and full up on coffee, tea, ice-tea and snack on fruit and green veg. my calories will stick around 1100-1300 which is just in the range for me.

Anyways.. I have talked about my plans plenty of times before.. Now lets see if I can actually stick to it.. Wish me luck (I am pretty sure I will need it with the PT session coming up! )


PS: How do you drag your butt out for some exercise after a looooong day of stuff happening? I seem to keep lacking the motivation.. I do manage to get in a good session when I get to the gym but getting there seems to be hell lately...


  1. The PT appointment sounds exciting! I hope they can assign you some stuff that helps with the fibro and all. As for getting a workout out after a long day, I am not doing much of it right now. I will have 12-hour work days from now on, so it will really be my days off that I work out.

    Making it social helps... I am starting to pester K about going for walks in City Park on my off days :) (he is really unhealthy and the walks would do him a lot of good too)

  2. Oh by, "denying myself food" I just meant the restricting. It was most severe in February-March and I kept saying to myself (even several times on my blog) that I need to stop it before it triggers rebound binges from lack of nutrition.

    I've been eating more like "normal person on a diet" since then but I think it's still built up a little and is contributing to what's going on now.

  3. Have fun at PT!
    Usually I just jog in place in my basement if I don't feel like going out. It's not great exercise but it's something. Or I do pilates.

  4. This is where I am failing misrably right now. I can not get my butt out of bed in the morning and once I get home I just want a beer so then my motivation is shot to shit. I start my next session of boot camp on the 27th and I will follow the plan better this time cause it is costing me another $100.00 but I want to look good in a bikini this year! Dont be to hard on yourself you will get there you have a great plan!