myfitnesspal round 1000000000000000000000

So I figured out there are too many people out there that use MFP - So I made another account again... I am thinking of maybe count everything on Sparkpeople since I already have so much food down there - and just quick add the calories on MFP, and use the charts and badges from MFP. Will see :)

Here is the new username: Sheislosingit82

Re-add me please :) I need all the motivation I can get!


  1. added, honey. <3
    i'm colourblindromance.
    you'd know from the...astounding display pic i have. xD
    -Sam Lupin
    PS. the message helps too :P
    you have the cutest display pic Cupid

  2. you using this program actually really makes me want to check it out. I've only used a calorie counter program, but it seems like MFP would be a good route to take for overall weight loss tracking! I hope you're making progress dear!