So - you know.. I'm fat..

I don't even mean fat like most of you do, cause well most of you are really skinny.. I am so fat that I didn't even think it was possible..

Remember a while back I got that fancy scale of mine? It does a body scan telling you how much of your body is fat ect.. Well....

Todays disgusting fact of the day is that 58% of me is fat.. My current mass of fat weighs in around 10 lbs more than what my GW is...

So erm yeah... I really need to get my ass in gear..
I have done OK today.. I am going to get in a work-out when the baby finally goes to bed (he is being very difficult tonight)..

Oh and last night - I just flipped out and deleted my myfitnesspal account. I dunno why I did it.. It was just too much.. Sparkpeople, myfitnesspal .. Counting on both - comparing, not having the numbers match :S So suddenly something flipped in my head and I just deleted myfitnesspall...

I should probably just stick to one.. And since I have been registering a whole lot of my everyday food in sparkpeople I should stick to it..

Anyways.. I am going to see if I can get the kid to sleep..



  1. I am too scared to use my body fat scale... I step off before it can do it's thing because I'm pretty sure my body fat percentage has gone way up (I have a massive gut that's all fat and no muscle, and don't even talk about my thighs). I'll miss you on MFP (even though I'm never there nearly as often as I ought to be) but if sparkpeople works for you then you should stick with that. I really need to get my arse into gear as well. Gahhh, we really can do it, right?

  2. I'll miss you too! Maybe I'll create another account there later - I dunno. I do like the badges from MFP.

    You can always e-mail me too you know :)
    and yes we can do this.. I need to stop making excuses and just do it.


  3. It sucks to see numbers like that and be sort of shocked into reality. But, it will be good motivation to keep trying.

  4. Uh it took me quite a while to calculate your weight :) as you once mentioned your goal weight while commenting on my blog,and I was curious.... and let me tell you something...it may be a little high but trust me its nothing compared to so many people I know.And you have to know one thing...WE ALL STARTED THERE...and something else...somehow even reaching goal you cant do anything to stop yourself from getting back to that high weight. Its a daily battle and most of the time we lose...right now I'm going back to where I was, I gained back around 8kg/17lbs in the last couple of months and there's nothing I can do, I lost my motivation and my focus...but I've learned something..its not the end of the world..and that realization helps a little. You have so many work around your kid and I dont even know how you manage all that AND weight loss, even counting calories requires dedication and commitment and I don't think I could do all that...I would probably just cry all day..I mean reading your blog and posts you are doing so great, most new-moms just complain about their baby and how hard it is..I think that you manage everything so well and you should be proud of yourself, and OF COURSE you will lose that weight with time...and we will all support you as much as you need it..take care and sorry for my long comment :)

  5. I used to get very obsessive with the body composition scale. I would compare it before and after eating, after a bm, right in the morning and at the end of the day. Needless to say, much too often. I now try to use it at most once a week to check how I am doing. Since I gained wt the fatmass has gone up and I know that is not healthy due to my family history of diabetes, high cholesterol, heart attacks and cancers. I am trying to think in health terms when looking at the numbers. Remember with your plan of action next week your numbers will be down. You can do this!

  6. I find it really hard to use online programs because I hate weighing my veggies to get exact calories. Maybe I should start because the second you do, you just MUST count your calories everyday.
    Good Luck though, you're making progress!

  7. Maybe your scale is incorrect. It's always possible. That's what I tell myself at least

    1. I am pretty sure it's not the scale